How to prevent HIV infection after exposure?

What are all possible methods of preventing HIV infection while pregnancy and in teenage age? What to do with HIV infection after exposure? Read the article to learn the latest useful information about it.

how to prevent HIV infection

There are 6 simple ways how to prevent HIV infection:

  • Fidelity. When you feel that you are ready to sexual intercourse or when according to your culture and traditions, it is time to begin sex life, fidelity to the partner will help you to protect both of you. If you and your partner enter sexual relations only with each other and both of you aren't infected with HIV, then you don't risk catching it.
  • However, to find out that both of you are healthy and aren't infected, you should make tests on HIV infection. Fidelity won't protect you if one of you was already infected with HIV during the previous relations or just in the past. Also, it is necessary to remember that there is a set of ways to catch it and that HIV-positive person may not have external symptoms of a disease.
  • Condoms. At sex, it is necessary to always use the condom. Its correct use considerably reduces the risk of infecting with HIV. A condom is also an effective method of protection and contraception. However, because condoms sometimes slide off or torn, they can't guarantee 100% protection.
  • The used syringes. At intravenous drug-taking, it is necessary to avoid reuse of needles, syringes, cotton or water for washing, and also a use of those syringes (needles, cotton, water for washing), which were used by another person. Needles can enter a virus directly into the blood circulatory systems.
  • How to prevent teenage HIV infection and pregnancy? The risk of transfer of a virus from the infected mother to the child considerably decreases if the mother accepts anti-virus drugs, obtains information, and confidential consultations. An important factor is also special care during pregnancy and labors.
  • Tattoos and piercing. If you want to do a tattoo or piercing, you need to be convinced that the master of tattoo or piercing observes all protection measures. The master has to wear gloves and use a new, sterile needle, which is thrown out immediately after use.

How to prevent teenage HIV infection and pregnancy

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How to prevent HIV infection after exposure or spread?

Early symptoms of HIV are enlarged lymph, flu diseases (with temperature, appetite loss, an ache in a body, fatigue, delicacy). The HIV carrier is very infectious even if (s)he has no infection symptoms.

Late symptoms of HIV (years later after infection): constant night sweats and rises in temperature, chronic fatigue, inexplicable loss of weight or loss of appetite, lingering diarrhea, the enlarged lymph, darkness on a skin, and also in an oral cavity and a nose, frequent respiratory infections, superficial respiration or dry cough. What to do in these cases?  See a doctor if you suspect HIV infection. If you are HIV-positive, address for individual consultation. Avoid the unprotected sexual contacts. Use condoms as it is only, but not absolutely reliable a way of protection against HIV. The HIV-positive can be even blood or organs of a donor.

Doctor can appoint the blood test to antibodies to HIV to confirm the diagnosis, to hold the corresponding consultation, to prescribe treatment of specific symptoms or the infections existing at the moment or to prescribe special antiviral drugs, which slow down the process of advance of HIV infection.

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