How to prevent mosquito-borne diseases?

How to avoid getting malaria or other mosquito borne diseases? Learn the practical tips.


In Africa, mosquitos are responsible for transmitting many grave diseases, such as malaria, dengue or Zika virus. Thus, knowing the prevention tips for mosquito-borne diseases can save your life!

What diseases are mosquito-borne?

-    West Nile virus

-    Zika virus

-    Dengue fever

-    Malaria

-    Dog Heartworm

-    Chikungunya

This list of such diseases is not complete, but it presents a real danger to your health. Since you live in the region where mosquitos transmit all these infections from person to person or from animals to people, you should know the list and learn how to prevent them.

mosquito borne diseases

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Prevention tips for diseases transmitted by mosquitos:

Aedes aegypti is the name of mosquitos that bear most of these diseases. The fact is that these little monsters do not fly far from their breeding and feeding place. It gives you a chance to eliminate the conditions favorable for their reproduction. For instance, if you have a small pond or some water sources on your property, you can use insecticides to get rid of mosquitos there.


Another prevention tip is to avoid the bites. Indoors you should put the mosquito nets on the windows and doors. Use air conditioning to chill the rooms instead of airing them by opening doors.

Set up a giant mosquito web over your bed during the night. And wear long sleeves to protect your arms.

Use repellents, such as sprays on your body to prevent the bites. Read the instruction carefully before you apply them. Never use a repellent underneath your clothes. It may evoke allergies and skin irritation.

Use special tablets or liquid for killing and repelling mosquitos inside the facilities.  

repel mosquitos

Use special chemicals to treat clothing while washing it to repel the mosquitos while you are wearing it.

These tips would help you to prevent or significantly reduce the risks of catching mosquito-borne diseases. 

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