How to prevent stretch marks appearing after pregnancy?

It is the biggest happiness ever to be a mom. You can watch your kid grows, enjoy every second of communication with him, you give him your love and feel his love to you as well. But too bad pregnancy can bring sometimes some negative visible consequences for your body such as, for example, stretch marks, that appear after childbirth. However, stretch marks look not attractive, it is not the reason to get upset. Read this article and find out what you can do to prevent stretch marks appearing.

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They say this is a genetically problem and poor women can’t do anything with it. So this is a kind of roulette: ether you get a perfect very stretchy skin and enjoy it or you have bad genes and you have to search for possible solutions to this problem. However it is still not a time to get sad but to act and save your beautiful body. So what can you do to get rid of stretch marks? The main you can do is to change the state of your skin, and if to be more exact, to make it more stretchy and elastic.

Best tips and tricks for stretch marks treatment

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Use oils for your skin

There are a few essential oils that can help you to win these terrible marks on your stomach and hips. You can use Castor oil, Olive oil or Vitamin E oil to make your skin more nourished and stretchy. If you would apply daily these oils on your wet skin after a shower, it will inevitably change and become more soft and elastic. And elastic skin is our primary goal in a fight with stretch marks. The primary ability of these essential oils is that they can have antioxidant action and that decrease the damage of free radical.

Get more vitamins
The second secret how to remove your stretch marks is to get more vitamins, especially  Vitamin C, A, E. Try to change your diet before and during your pregnancy. Eat more products rich with Vitamin C, for example broccoli, green and red pepper, kale and turnips, green and red apples and lemon. Vitamin C helps to create collagen in our body, which is the most important for the fight against free radicals. Why do free radicals are so harmful? They ruin your collagen and a lack of a collagen actually causes stretch marks. So it is very critically to maintain the high level of the Vitamin C in your body. Eat also gelatin and omega 3, 6, Zink. Don’t forget to use more raw organic fruits and vegetables, eggs and greens. Drink daily more natural milk. All these products are very useful not only for you, but also for your future kid.

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Stay moistened
Use daily some good moisturizer. If you have no usual moisturizer, use different batters such as cocoa butter, shea butter. These butters are perfect naturals substitutes of a moisturizer because they have a natural fatty acid and they are perfect emollients; maybe, they are even better for your dry skin. If you will do every single day a 5 minutes massage to your belly, you will improve a circulation of your blood and in this way you will prevent or remove stretch marks. If you want a stronger result, you can use one of those special moisturizers. However you have to be careful with them, because you can’t apply special treatment during your pregnancy and the breastfeeding.

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Stay hydrated
We consist of water and need it very much. And now your kid is consuming even more water from your body. This happens because the child needs to be in a sack full of water in your belly. But mommy needs to be hydrated too. Drink daily a lot of clean water to avoid getting dry from inside. It will be okay if you would drink daily about 8 glasses of fresh water. Pay attention if you feel yourself badly in general. Are you constantly very tired and can’t focus on things normally, do you have dry lips and a mouth? These are usual symptoms of dehydration. So don’t forget this little but a very important secret and you will feel yourself much better.

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Now you know how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and how to remove stretch marks after you become. Use these practical tips and enjoy your perfect belly.

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