How to prevent toilet infection?

What is toilet infection all about? And how can one prevent it? It is a good question, and you can find an answer to it right here.

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What is toilet infection?

This is a medical condition that women can experience under certain circumstances. The name of this disease came from an idea that women got this type of infection after using public toilet seat. This medical condition is often characterized by itching, burning and unpleasant smell that comes from the vagina.

This discomfort might not necessarily be linked to the usage of public restrooms; however, considering the coincidence, this is where the name of the infection comes from.

It is not nice to have the toilet disease, as all this itching often takes place when you are in public and cannot do anything about it. So, with the discomfort comes the embarrassment it brings.

Scientifically speaking toilet infection is called vaginitis or vaginal infection. It can take place when the vagina is inflamed, and as a result, the lady will experience the horrible effects of itching and unpleasant odor coming out of the vagina.

toilet infection

There are several types of this infection. Using the medical terms, these kinds are bacterial vaginosis, vaginal yeast infection, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, non-infectious vaginitis, and viral vaginitis.

A person that has no medical education might not be able to identify which type of vaginitis he is having. And even so, there can be several infections at the same time, and they might have different symptoms which can be misleading.

Common symptoms of the various types of toilet disease are as follows:

•    itching,

•    vaginal discharge,

•    a burning sensation.

Even though it might not be easy to identify the exact type of vaginitis, you can always tell the difference by looking at the color and checking the smell of the vaginal discharge.

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It is important to remember that “Some amount of vaginal discharge normally occurs in women of childbearing age, the glands in the cervix produce the secretion that moves downwards mixing with bacteria and dead vaginal cells which may make the discharge whitish or yellowish in color when exposed to air. The quantity of mucus secreted depends on the amount of estrogen produced.”

Therefore, be very careful when you find the changes described above.

Among other symptoms of toilet infection is:

•    burning during urination;

•    white or gray discharge;

•    thick and yellow discharge;

•    itching around the vagina;

•    pain during the intercourse;

•    unpleasant smell.

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What are the causes of toilet infection?

In some cases, it can be caused by bacteria. If some misbalance takes place, then bad bacteria flood the place, which will lead to developing vaginitis.

Among other causes are pregnancy and special conditions it brings with it, use of Intrauterine devices, taking showers too often, frequent change of sexual partners, bad habits like smoking.

The doctors say that even though there are plenty of ways you can get the toilet infection from, you cannot get this infection from public restrooms toilet covers, bedding, or using public swimming pools.

Bear in mind that you can also get one of the types of toilet disease from taking dangerous antibiotics, having weak immune system, change of the hormone level, or regular taking of contraceptive pills.

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How to prevent toilet infection?

Try to take a shower regularly but not too often, as this can lead to developing toilet disease. Also, stay away from perfumed soaps, fabric softeners, spermicides, detergents, and vaginal sprays. Consult your doctor to see whether the medication you are currently taking can be the cause of this infection as well as see what alternatives you have that can lead to this condition.

Apart from this, check out the level of hormones you have. This might also be a cause of this condition, as during certain hormone level changes fungus inside the vagina is more likely to grow and spread faster. If you are going through menopause, you might also have toilet infection with all its complications. So do not panic and ask a doctor if there is anything you can do to make it easier and less painful for you.

You might also use less severe birth control pills to avoid and prevent toilet infection. And also here is a piece of advice on this matter we have found on the Internet:

“Toilets at different homes should be private. Visitor’s toilets should be other than the ones for family use. More toilets should be provided by the school authorities and government for the students in universities and boarding schools and also for populace by the government.

Toilets should also be gender-based. Body contact with the toilet covers, tubs, towels and all bathroom furniture in public houses should be avoided when possible. Pit latrines and public toilets should be avoided.

what is toilet infection all about

Women should take caution because they are more vulnerable to toilet diseases than their male partners. Women are expected to clean up with tissue paper or drinking water after urinating. The cleaning must be from the vagina to the anus and not vice versa. They should not sit or stand too close to a public toilet and avoid the splashing of the water in the toilet on the vagina.

Vaginal lotions both herbal and modern medicinal products (read about modern medicine here) are in the market to protect the vagina against infections. They are applied to the vulva area. Frequent changes of pants help a lot to prevent toilet infections. Women should treat themselves regularly whether they have symptoms of toilet diseases or not.

They can also sit in a clean bowl that contains the mixture of hot water. Towels exchange and the use of other people towels should be stopped. Underwears and clothes should not also be shared. The bacteria die on exposure to heat. Antibiotic creams can also be applied to the vagina and vulva areas.”

Make sure to keep this in mind once any of the symptoms take place, as knowing all the truth about the toilet infection you will be better prepared to fight it off and don’t start panicking. Other than this, share this information to inform other women about the potential danger poor hygiene can have. And stay healthy!

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