How to promote hair growth?

There are many occasions when you want to promote the growth of your hair. Tired of short hair, have bad haircut, soon have some event where you need long tresses. The reasons may be different.

Beautiful hair

Hair growth is largely dependent on the means for their care. Any shampoo or balsam must be strictly chosen according to your hair type - normal, dry or oily. Universal means "for all" are better not to take. If the locks are painted - the shampoos, gels, lacquers, mousses and balms should be for such hair only. They will definitely bring benefit to them - strengthen, extend brightness of the color and not slow their growth. The promoting of the hair growth can be affected by lack of vitamins in the body. It is very difficult to determine the lack of certain vitamins in the body, so they usually make up for all the vitamins. Special complexes of elements and vitamins can be purchased in a pharmacy. Observance of "grandmother's recipes" can be useful, too: in the cold or direct sunlight better not be long without a hat.

Changes in temperature and excessive ultraviolet light is bad for hair. Hair grows slowly becoming faded and difficult to make it stylish. For growth it is a very good head massage. It does not necessarily go to the expert. Massage brush is quite suitable for the everyday use - before going to sleep - every night, it is necessary to massage the head in two directions: on the hair growth and against. The brush is better to choosen from wood or stubble.

Massage can be done even with your fingertips - in a circular motion over the entire head. As well as taking the strands and gently pulling them to the side - at the same time it is necessary to turn on the "walk" across them.

Make it cute

Talk to your doctor. Measures for promoting hair growth should be done in addition to home massage, for curls will be useful homemade mask that well strengthens and promotes the growth - massaging the scalp of vegetable oils - olive, burdock, linseed, castor or almond. The oil is heated in a water bath and with massage movements rubbed into the skin for ten, fifteen minutes, and then washed off with the shampoo.

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The procedure is not recommended to be done very often - more than once a week not to score oil skin pores.

Beer as an accelerator of hair growth

How long it is

Even our grandmothers washed their heads with it - from beer hair begins to grow thicker and faster. Today beer recipe can be complicated: beer mixed with egg, banana pulp and spoon of the warmed honey. It should get a pulpy mixture. It should be rubbed into the skin for half an hour, then you need to rinse you hair with water. It is recommended to repeat the procedure every two weeks. Hair becomes longer after it.

It will be necessary to have such ingridients: a teaspoon of dry yeast, egg yolk, a tablespoon of castor oil and burdock, 10 ml of brandy and a spoon of honey. All the ingredients are well mixed to the state of sour cream are rubbed into the skin. For greater effect, it is necessary to wrap the head with cellophane and a towel, the duration of procedure - two hours. Repeating the treatment may be every few days - in two weeks the result won’t make you wait.

So nice

Good help to lengthen your locks is a pepper mask

It consists of honey and ground red pepper. Rub the head 2 times in 7-10 days. But this should be done carefully, so that the mask does not reach the eyes. Hair growth is due to hot pepper enhancing blood flow. Applying is better after washing.

The same effect has mustard mask - dry mustard powder should be diluted with warm water, mixed with yogurt, put on your skin, be sure to wrap the head. In this and any other mask to increase the effect, you can add one ampoule of vitamin A and E.

The hair is absolutely brilliant

How to make hair do not come out?

There are a few simple rules that will help you prevent split ends and make your hair stronger. It should be:

  • as little as possible usage of devices for stacking and drying;
  • long time in the sun and cold with your head uncovered is detrimental;
  • including in the diet fish, fruits, nuts, vegetable oil;
  • twice a month as a means of prevention rub into the scalp burdock or castor oil, do not forget to add vitamins E and A.
  • Folk meducine in addition to masks and rubbing oils, rinsing your hair with herbs decoction can also play an important role.

To do this, you can apply for chamomile, calendula, linden, mint. The first place in the list of proven tools occupies burdock root. It is better to collect it on your own, dried and used throughout the year. All herbal extracts are prepared by steaming fresh or dried leaves of the plants, their infusion and percolation. Instead of shampoo, you can wash your hair with eggs, it also strengthens curls and promotes their growth. However, this can’t be done very often, don’t get abused. Egg should be washed off with the plain water. Speaking about the best means for the growth and density of hair, women often share their experience that most of all they liked the mask made of hot peppers. Hair became much longer than after 3-4 sessions. I was afraid of discomfort from the pepper, but it was not so unpleasant not to withstand it. Some of them tried a variety of cosmetics, until they learned to do simple procedures - regularly rubbing into the skin burdock oil – this way you can forget about hair loss.  It won’t be odd to rub into the scalp vitamins and oils. 

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