How to remove black underarms?

What are the proved home remedies, which will help you to get rid of black underarms? How sugar can help in whitening of this zone? Read the article to learn more about this problem.

How to get rid of black underarms

How to get rid of black underarms?

If you have thrown out all your tops and are covered because you have dark armpits, don't leave a problem be. Read this article about how to remove black underarms.

Try natural dark underarms whitening. Acid, antibacterial and antiseptic properties of some vegetables and fruits will allow clarifying skin in natural way. Potatoes, cucumbers and lemons are capable to help eliminate dark skin.

  • Cut potatoes thinly and wipe the dark site of skin with this piece. Besides, it is possible to grate a small amount of potatoes to receive juice. Apply juice on armpits, leave for 10 minutes, and then wash away.
  • Cucumber – as well as in case with potatoes, it is possible to wipe affected areas of skin with slices of cucumber or to grate a small amount and to use cucumber juice. It is possible to go further and to add to cucumber juice several drops of lemon juice and a little turmeric before formation of paste. Apply paste, wait half an hour and wash it away.
  • Lemon – wipe the dark site of the skin with a thick slice of lemon. Fruit will remove dead cells of skin and will clarify it. Then wash lemon juice away and put the moistening means – yogurt or honey – to lemon juice before formation of paste, leave on skin for 10 minutes, and then wash away.
  • Egg oil – rub egg oil to the dark area and leave it for the night. Omega-3, contained in egg oil, strengthen growth of new cells, which make skin smooth and light. Wash in the morning soap with neutral pH level.
  • The most important thing, which needs to be done to prevent or clarify dark armpits, is moistening of necessary site at least twice a day. Use natural humidifiers – an aloe or lecithin.
  • The way how to get rid of dark underarms overnight is peeling. Darkening of armpits can be caused by accumulation of dead cells of skin. In that case peeling will help.

how to remove black underarms

  • Sugar. Mix a glass of brown sugar with 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Apply mix on moist skin within a minute or two during a shower or bathtub and wash away. Try to use mix two times a week during bathing.
  • Soda – make paste of soda and water and use it as a scrub. After cleaning, washing and drying of skin, you can apply a small amount of soda on skin to clarify it visually a little.
  • Orange – peel orange and put a peel to dry in the sun. Crush a peel to consistence of powder and do the paste, having added pink water and milk. Mass armpits with paste for 10-15 minutes to remove dead cells of skin, and then wash it out with cold water.
  • Pumice – accurately remove dead cells of skin on armpits by means of pumice. This light volcanic stone can be bought in drugstores, shops of cosmetics and perfumery or just big stores. Carefully wet a stone and accurately rub it area of armpits.
  • Try liquid remedy. Open refrigerator or kitchen case and look for means, which can not only clarify dark armpits, but also make skin softer and fresher.
  • Milk – vitamins and fatty acids of milk make it an effective remedy for purification of skin. Make paste of 2 tablespoons of milk, 1 teaspoon of cottage cheese and 1 tablespoon of flour. Apply paste on skin, leave for 15 minutes, and then wash it away with cold water. Skin will become softer, be cleared of dead cells and, as a result, will look lighter.

how to get rid of dark underarms overnight

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  • Vinegar – mix vinegar with rice flour till formation of paste to make skin lighter, to save it from bacteria, and to give it a fragrant smell. Take a hot shower, and then apply paste on armpits. Let it dry within 10-15 minutes and wash away with warm water.
  • Coconut oil – the vitamin E containing in it can purify the skin in the long term. Therefore, for achievement of the best result, it is necessary to put this remedy daily. Before bathing, rub oil in skin within 10-15 minutes. Wash soap away with warmish water. One more benefit of coconut oil – it is a natural deodorant and skin smoother.
  • Cook dark underarms whitening products at home. If you are ready to follow a high security for bleaching of skin of armpits, try to cook remedy from chickpeas flour. Mix flour with yogurt, a lemon and a small amount of a turmeric untill formation of dense paste. Apply paste on skin and leave for 30 minutes, and then wash it away with warm water. Apply this bleaching paste daily within two weeks, and then three times a week for acceleration of the bleaching effect.
  • Refuse shaving in favor of removal of hair with wax. Shaving can increase density of hair that can lead to darkening of skin. Wax deletes hairs with a root. Therefore, skin will be softer and lighter.

dark underarms whitening products

  • Use natural deodorant. It is considered that chemicals in deodorants and antiperspirants can affect skin and become a reason of black underarms and cancer. Actually not everyone needs to use a deodorant, they need to be used only by people who has problems with too strong natural smell of body.
  • The other way, how to get rid of dark underarms in a week, is stop taking meds. If oral contraceptives are the reason of condition of your skin, try to switch to other form of control over birth rate to be convinced that the state is caused by these tablets.
  • Use remedies for bleaching of skin from reliable producers. In spite of the fact that in many countries products for whitening of skin with mercury content are forbidden, such products can still be found. They are made in many countries. Therefore, read what is written on the label before buying similar products attentively. It is best even to avoid aluminum products-content product, as they cause cancer.
  • If for bleaching of zone of armpits you take white clay, you should know that for obtaining the expected effect, it is necessary to carry out the procedure not less than 3 times per week. White clay is enough to be dissolved with water to a consistence of dense sour cream and to be used as mask. White clay is also well combined with parsley juice and milk. By means of it, it is possible to remove dark stains on skin quickly and for a long time.

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