How to remove spider veins naturally?

Do you think that spider veins are a disease? You can be calm because it isn`t the truth. But often their presence disturb their "owners." Spider veins indicate potential problems in the hormonal background, cardiovascular system and also in the venous system. Do you want to remove them from your face or your body? Find out the answer here!

spider veins on face

What are spider veins and what their reasons are?

It was mentioned above that spider veins weren`t a disease. But their presence can indicate numerous problems with person`s health. They are problems with the hormonal background, the cardiovascular system, the venous system. If you ignore these symptoms, they can lead to such terrible diseases as venous insufficiency. Heart disease is a very broad concept, which covers several conditions. To eliminate the cause of spider veins, you must consult a cardiologist.

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The most often hormonal cause of the altered vessels has woman, especially in advanced age. Women at age 50 years often face with hormonal changes in their body that directly affect the regulation of hormones and also many processes in women’s body. Contraceptives also influence the venous system as female hormones, also used, soften blood vessels, why they become soft, flabby and weak.
Moreover, with age, blood vessels become thin and less elastic. They are no longer able to expand and narrow rapidly as in youth. The primary cause of this problem is inactivity. If look at such situation and add an excess weight, you can imagine the scale of the problem, which show it at the initial stage as a small cosmetic defect.

One of the factors in an appearance of spider veins is pregnancy. Perhaps this is the only factor that brings joy to its owner. However, pregnancy is a stress to the body because, in a short period (about nine months), the body completely changes your goals. During pregnancy, each system of the female body work for the childbearing and the mother's body often suffers.
The quantity of pounds a woman should gain during pregnancy, strike primarily at the spine and legs, so in such case you have to watch after them in the first place. The woman's legs quickly swollen because of blood can't circulate. The appearance of spider veins in such conditions is almost inevitable.

Spider veins on face: how to cure them at home?

Often the appearance of spider veins causes the thin skin of the face. The warming of the face also has an adverse effect, as well as the ultraviolet. It happens because of the expansion of blood vessels in warm. Frequent local heat severely reduces the ability of blood vessels to their rapid response to thermal effects. Chronic constipation and bowel problems only aggravate the situation.

spider veins

What to do? 

  • It is better to start with the training vessels on the face to remove spider veins.
  • You need to wipe face and neck with ice cubes daily. It is better to make it in the morning. The ice cube is better to wrap in a soft cloth for not to injure the delicate skin. You can use frozen broth of herbs, such as chamomile, sage, calendula or linden flowers.

how to cure spider veins

Even ordinary black or green tea pre-frozen in the evening will have positive effects and improve vascular tone. The red spider veins will gradually lighten. Pay attention that you do not only get rid of spider veins, but also improve the blood circulation of the face, increase defenses of the epidermis, and also improve the regeneration of the skin of the face and neck.

  • Treatment of spider veins on the face quite efficiently performed using masks by starch and any berry juice. For example, sea buckthorn, strawberries, blackberries, cranberries, raspberries, and gooseberries. You should take one tablespoon of berry juice to one teaspoon of starch.

spiders on face

You can use starch as the basis for masks with herbs. Chopped herbs of calendula flowers, chamomile, yarrow, horsetail, mix with a small amount of starch. Mask must have a persistent consistency. The starch can be replaced with grated on a fine grater potato. The exposure time of such masks is on average 15 minutes.

  • You can use the juice of the green tomato in the fight against spider veins. You have to apply soaked cotton ball to reddened areas of skin 2-3 minutes daily. After the compress, it is recommended to use the face cream. Such procedure will last for ten days.
  • You have to wipe the skin with a piece of aloe before you go to sleep. Before the procedure, the aloe has to hold for a few days in the fridge. Before the procedure thoroughly clean face with freshly brewed tea. For the first time, doing this, you may feel a slight burning sensation. Do not be afraid. After two or three treatments, it will disappear. To completely get rid of the spider veins make10-12 procedures, day after day.
  • You can use parsley to remove spider veins. Take a bunch of parsley, then pour it with a half of cup of boiling water and allow steep for 20 minutes. Then strain and dilute with milk in the ratio 1:2. You can use it as a daily half-hour wrap.
  • Sometimes spider veins appear after the treatment. If you want to avoid spider veins, you should strengthen blood vessels. Use vitamins K, P and C. They consist in large quantities in cabbage, carrot, plum juice.

Spider veins on legs: how to cure them at home?

Many women face the problem of spider veins on their legs. They are visible because they have intense color: red in early stages or blue veins in the later stages of the disease. 

spider veins on legs

Spider veins are blood vessels, which appear at the top of the skin. Usually, they look due to load or hypertension. In fact, this problem is quite common and most of the beauty salons trying to lure more customers into expensive treatment.

Women suffer from the appearance of spider veins much more frequently than men. It happened because women's skin is thinner and more sensitive than men's.
Many believe that the occurring of the capillaries is the first step to the development of a varicose disease. But it is not. Mostly, this is a cosmetic problem, which appears because of the light tender skin of the legs.

What to do?

  • Apple vinegar is one of the most common and most efficient methods of home treatment. For effective preparation of remedy, you should take half a glass of organic apple vinegar. Then heat it to room temperature. After that, you need to take a small amount of apple vinegar in your hands to do massage.

The movement should be smooth and soft without pain at the same time. Such procedure with apple vinegar must be carried out daily, for about 5 minutes a day, up to a visible result. If you do everything correctly, the removal of spider veins on legs at home will go fast enough, and the result will not keep itself waiting.

problems with veins

  • You can use a bath of chamomile and calendula to get rid of advanced cases of spider veins on the legs. Take half of dried chamomile flowers and calendula, then pour them into boiling water, give it brew for some time and filtered. Drop your legs in a basin with this broth.

Also, you can replace the calendula and oak bark, which is also useful for the treatment of spider veins on the legs. You should insist oak bark and chamomile and then dip the feet for half an hour in the broth. This procedure should be done every day for weeks.

  • An excellent and powerful remedy against spider veins is a needle.  It can help to remove visible spider veins on the legs. Take two glasses of fresh pine needles are boiled in one liter of water. After 10 minutes, filter the broth. You can add a little chamomile to soften. Dip your feet in this broth, but the water should not be hot. Make this procedure for a half hour. Remember that the main thing in treatment against spider veins is the regularity.

It should be noticed that this method is also suitable for treating the early stages of a varicose disease. Treatment of varicose diseases of the apple vinegar can be so simple as to get rid of spider veins. The most important thing is not to delay and not start developing the disease.

spider veins

Many women ask the question: how to get rid of spider veins on the legs, combining treatment of apple vinegar with other traditional medicine. In fact, Apple vinegar is harmless, so to use other recipes of traditional treatment can only speed up the process of getting rid of the spider veins on your legs.


In some rare cases it happens that none of the popular treatments can help, and then a question arises: how to remove spider veins on legs? In such cases, we recommend first to consult a doctor phlebologist, because the problem may lie not in appearance "harmless" capillaries, namely in the initial stage of the severe varicose disease.


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