How to speed up your hair growth?

Dreaming about long, beautiful and healthy hair? It is possible to let your dreams come true! Follow these top 6 tips and encourage the growth of your hair!

 hair growth

Long hair is usually associated with health and youth. Therefore most women would like to have long hair. However, it is really difficult to grow, but if you know how to do it, you can make the process quicker and easier.

On average the hair grows about half an inch per month, so in a year it will grow for about six inches. Nevertheless, there are various factors which influence the hair growth positively or negatively. These factors include age, weather, diet, health condition and living habits.

long hair

Here are tips which will help you to encourage your hair growth:

1.    Handle your hair with care

Try to avoid heat and chemical treatments. Also, the way you handle your hair is crucial. For instance, if you often make a ponytail, put the hair in a bun or make braids, the hair will be pulled from the roots. As a result, the hair will become thin and broken. 

Handle your hair with care

2.    Trim the hair regularly

Keep in mind that you can’t boost the growth of the unhealthy hair. Therefore it is essential to trim the hair to encourage its growth. If you your hair is damaged, then it is tough to grow new hair. 

 Trim the hair regularly

3.    Eat healthy food

Take a proper care of your hair by eating the right food. The hair consists of protein made of amino acids, which is called keratin. Therefore, if you want to grow the hair, you should eat products which are rich in protein. Your diet should include dairy products and eggs.  Also, hair requires vitamins, so eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

Eat healthy food

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4.    Don’t wash the hair every day

You should change the frequency of the hair washing. If you are doing it too often, a volume of natural oils which stimulate the hair growth will be decreased. Start washing the hair two or three times a week and never use hot water, because it makes the hair brittle and dry.

 Don’t wash the hair every day

5.    Massage the scalp

Massage is really useful for encouraging the hair growth. It boosts the blood circulation, and, as a result, essential ingredients will be brought to your hair follicles.

 Massage the scalp

6.    Use products which will encourage hair growth and protect the hair

Always use such hair products as hair growth supplements and heat protectant sprays. Make hair masks using natural oils and regularly apply protein and deep conditioning treatments.

  Use products which will encourage hair growth and protect the hair

Using these products is really important because they will help you do grow long and healthy hair as well as moisturize it. More information about the ways of hair softening you can find here.

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