How to stop a bleeding lip?

Do you agree each of us can be in a dangerous situation? Where you have to help someone or yourself. Read what to do in a case of blooding!

blood from lips
From cut or injured lips, blood can go real flow. When the wound is small, you can try to do on their own. In the case of significant cuts, it should provide first aid, try to stop the bleeding and consult a doctor.
The wound of the lips often leads to the development of edema and the appearance of intense pain. External mechanical effects can cause trauma or suffer by the patient. It’s important to know how behavior yourself in such situation. 

First aid measures

Try to calm the victim. This is important because when the stress becomes higher the pressure, the heartbeat quickens, therefore, it can increase blood loss. Loosen the collar, open the window, and get the victim to breathe deeply. All this will help improve blood circulation and blood clotting.
first aid
Tools you need

  • sterile bandage or gauze;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • ice or frozen food;
  • clear plastic bag.

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  1. In the case of a small wound and a good blood clotting, the bleeding stops on its own within a few minutes. Apply to the affected area with a sterile gauze swab, squeeze, and hold for 10 minutes.
  2. If the wound is dirty, this often happens when you fall on the ground, for example, off a bike. You need to rinse her with three-percent hydrogen peroxide. Sterile gauze or bandage soak a few minutes, pressed against the wound - this will help to stop the bleeding.
  3. The cold also contributes stopping the bleeding quickly. Apply to wound the ice pack or frozen food, Packed in a clean plastic bag. If you don't have either, soak a flannel in icy water, apply to fat or cut the lip. The cold help to narrow blood vessels and stop bleeding in a short period.
  4. Often a wound is so significant that you can't stop the blood by yourself. If you are unable to cope with bleeding within 10 minutes, you have immediately take a victim to a trauma bay or call an ambulance. Then trauma surgeon will stitch up the wound, helping to stop the bleeding.
  5. It is forbidden to apply iodine on the fat lips. It`s reasonable to use softening, anti-inflammatory and wound healing remedy. It could be sea buckthorn oil, cream with propolis or honey. For rapid removal of the edema and healing of the wound, you can use special gels.

If the wound is deep

If a case of a deep wound of the lip, you should immediately contact the surgeon. The treatment of such injuries would be operating. For faster and more efficient process of rehabilitation and recovery, the patient would be better agreeing to the operation. The gargle or a special lotion with chamomile broth is a useful tool in the treatment of deep wound of the lips.
deep wound
The application of a special gel to the teeth will be helpful to enhance the regeneration and accelerate the healing of labial tissue.  In the case, if the patient has other damages, it is necessary to call the doctor and be with the victim before his arrival. Then doctor has to prescribe the most common treatment for him.  

How to treat the fat lips?

It is desirable to ensure that the delay of the wound occurred as soon as possible. To do this, it must be treated. 
To accelerate the healing of wounds, you should apply the gel 2-3 times a day. Of course, you can buy such gel in a pharmacy or make at home by yourself. Mix equal proportions of honey and propolis. Apply the ready mix on a wound.  It is desirable not to suck the therapeutic remedy from the lips.
Also, you can treat your lips with zinc ointment. Moreover, you can lubricate the lips of sea buckthorn oil 3-4 times a day.
For the prevention of inflammation and formation of pus rinse your mouth with the broth of chamomile, if the wound is formed on the internal side of the lips.
To sum up, if you face such situation, you have to be strong and take the first aid to people who need it. You have clearly assessed your capability there. If you could help, immediately do it, if not – call the doctor!  

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