How to stop binge eating?

What do you know about binge eating? How to stop binge eating? Is it possible to cure binge eating? It`s one of the modern bad habits that can be named as disorder. In this article you may find some tips about binge disorder treatment.

binge eating

Have you ever thought about episodes of your life when you felt guilty about eating too much food? When was the last time when you felt stuffed? Was it a birthday party where you celebrated the special day with your friend by eating a giant cake or drinking too much? Was it on the new year’s eve or Christmas party? Did you eat too much when you came back home after long working day? All of these episodes of binge eating had an adverse effect on your heath and directly provoked a stomach ache? If the health issue was not enough, then you might also felt emotions, like shame or guilt for your behavior.

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What is binge eating disorder?

What is binge eating disorder?

Binge eating is a pattern of compulsive eating disorder when people consume food in large quantities for episodes. It is uncontrollable, and people can eat too much then have regrets for their actions as uncontrollable eating might have provoked health issue. The health problems for binge eating can be diarrhea, stomachache, abdominal distention, acid reflux, and indigestion. It should be mentioned; that binge eating can provide a headache, muscle ache, and hard breathing. Consider to psychological issues; it causes regrets and depression. Therefore, consuming large quantities of food is an unhealthy mental condition.

Nevertheless, even healthy people can`t stop binge eating sometimes. Under the wave of emotions, it`s easy to surrender to eating habits. Our natural mechanism includes hormones of happiness when we are consuming food. Therefore, binge eating might seem natural for people. Still, as it was mentioned, it`s is a psychological condition which includes a type of behavior when people are eating too much by feeling of emotional numb. Binge eaters try to hide their issues feeling depressed by their overweight and ashamed for their behavior. Their uncontrollable eating provides them many troubles in their life.

Binge eaters

As it derives from the name, binge eating includes uncontrollable eating, compulsive eating, excessive eating which can be accompanied with a feeling of shame, guilt, and remorse. Binge eating and bulimia have some common ground and sometimes bulimia can be accompanied with binge eating. Nevertheless, binge eaters do not purge their food excessively and fast. They also do not compensate their binges with hard training exercises. These individuals can perfectly handle many types of diets at the same time. Binge eaters also concern about their body shapes and have family obesity history. Nevertheless, bulimia and binge eating are partners in destroying lives.

Binge eating disorder beginning

Binge eating disorder beginning

Eating for emotional reasons is a typical situation once in a while. As it was mentioned earlier, hormones of happiness are produced during eating. Therefore, it`s quite reasonable that during depressions some people may sit in front of TV and consume candies, ice-cream, and other food. We can reward ourselves with food. Still, people also may binge eating instead of facing their real problems. Therefore, it can easily lead to depression. If depression is not enough, then it might also provoke complex of inferiority, psychological restraints, fears and uncertainty in capabilities.

People fear that binge eating is the only way to destroy their negative emotions. Nevertheless, eating out of control is their main concern. Individuals with binge eating disorder may think about food all the time and feel remorse, shame, and guilt after eating. It`s very different from eating with a happy face. Instead of this, you may see a grim face all the time for binge eating people having the last slice of the pie. Consuming food with guilt is one of the clearest ways for the binge eating. Regrets and shame give pressure for binge eating disorder and also provide fear of society.

 eating out of control

Not everyone who overeats can be called a binge eater. You might do it occasionally, rather than eat everything in one set. You might have problems with eating too much when feeling depressed and lonely. Binge eating disorder is a clinical problem that can provide catastrophic consequence in social behavior. The symptoms of binge eating can be ranged from just feeling stressed and shameful for the actions to the quite severe problems with digestion. Binge eating can be diagnosed when you overeat at least once for the week in the period of three months.

Why people can`t stop binge eating and how it starts? It simply starts as a bad habit of heading home after the hard work day and having some night stand in front of TV. It underlines adverse problems for the whole period, which also includes negative body image. People with binge eating disorder might start very strict diet. Nevertheless, sooner or later, they might fell off from the diet and find it too hard to cope with binge eating disorder. It`s especially hard if people use food as a tool to fight with their problems. Therefore, forbidden food in diet can quickly become a reason for guilt and remorse.

 binge eating disorder

The cycle of eat-restrain-repeat is hard to be broken. People may be stuck on the same level of binge eating treatment for years. Individuals who do not use diet formula, but have overeating problems might also have some ideas of which food is “good” and which one is “bad.” Nevertheless, even knowing these simple words – does not mean starting a binge eating self-help procedure. If bad food is too attractive to resist, then eating takes the upper hand, and nothing can be stopped from consuming large quantities of food. Therefore, the remorse and regret will come back.

Addiction to food

Addiction to food

Food addiction is a big sphere of study for scientists. In recent years, people have become more addicted to food products than ever. It can be explained by the variety of food that is available in our markets. Moreover, the twenty-first century can be named the most obsessive time. The industry of food also provides some examples of overeating that can be followed. Scientists also made some tests to discover if it`s possible to get food addiction. According to that studies, some food highly stuffed with far, sugar, and salt can cause changes in brains similar to drug addiction. The rats showed some examples of dependency when had only binge eating diet high in sugar.

Nevertheless, binge eating treatment is hard to implement into life. If one of the public methods fighting with drug addiction is to destroy any supply of drugs, in a case of “food addiction” it`s impossible. People can only set up some limits on consuming particular types of food and certain amounts of food quantity. Dieting can be a strong and only component that can provide a binge eating recovery. Still, as with drug addiction case, it`s hard to fight with temptation.

binge eating treatment

According to various studies, there is no doubt that eating can provide stimulation of hormones of happiness producing in brains. Nevertheless, some scientists suspect that hormones of happiness should be the very reason to treat food as drugs. The only valid evidence that can be put on the line towards binge eating is the behavior of the patient and not food. Therefore, eating addiction is more accurate term comparing to food addiction. Therefore, addiction can only have a connection with the habit and not with the source of this habit. It illuminates food as the main suspect of binge eatingdisorder.

Binge eating symptoms

Binge eating symptoms

The first symptom of this disorder can be named frequent and uncontrollable eating of any food around. It also concerned to the short period of times for binges. Usually, it`s about one binge in one-two hours. You may also eat much more than it`s considered to be normal. During binges, you may lose control over a situation of eating. Therefore, you lose the ability of stop eating; it`s out of your control. If you consider yourself as a binge eater, then you may suffer from episodes of this disorder at least once in a week during three months’ period.

Binge eating is a behavior disorder. Therefore, everything connected to this disorder is connected to your habits. Try to compare your feelings while eating. Do you feel something special? You may feel overwhelmed distress while eating too much. You may notice that you are binge eater if you have:

  • You continue to eat when you are not hungry
  • You consume food with a fantastic speed
  • Even you feel full; you still continue to eat
  • You are embarrassed when eating in large quantities. Therefore, you prefer to be alone when you eat.
  • You feel guilty after every binge. You also disgust your body for overeating.

The behavior issue with binge eating does not stop the problem with food; other aspects of life have issues with this disorder.

  • Binge eater always hides from other when eating the food. Eating alone in the car, behind closed doors and away from others are signs of binge eating.
  • Food is an essential pattern for eaters, and they have a tendency to steal and hide food from others.
  • The extreme dieting episodes is a trademark for bingers.
  • Binge eaters might be obsessed with only one type of food and do not allow anything else to bother them.
  • There is always a time in their schedule to have another binge.
  • No strict time for meals is ok for them.
  • The meal times are not a problem for binge eaters as they are likely to skip them.
  • Clinical depression always accompanies binge eaters.
  • The body size is always a matter of disgust for binge eaters.

Some people may have a misunderstanding with binge eating and other eating disorders. The most frequent false friend of binge eating is bulimia. Nevertheless, between these two disorders you can find one specific difference. Binge eaters do not purge their food after binges. The people who suffer from bulimia always purge their food even if they ate a small portion.

How to stop binge eating?

How to stop binge eating?

The most obvious action to start binge eating treatment is to consult your doctor. This person is the first and the last sanction to give you an official diagnosis according to a problem. The health specialist may make some tests to understand your mental and physical condition.

  • The doctor can easily provide you contacts with specialists for binge eating treatment.
  • The doctor may provide you consultation regarding medicine pills, health and life changes.
  • The doctor may give you some an inpatient facility to provide the twenty-four hours support in case you need it.

If your doctor diagnosis binge eating disorder, then your next move would be visiting a therapist that specializes in your problem. The therapist`s right answer for you would be the cognitive behavior therapy. The CBT may provide you analysis of the behavior and made some corrections co of the behavior and made some corrections concerning it. Therefore, it can put your thoughts onto more productive rails.

binge eating disorder,

  • The CBT sessions help you to organize a treatment plan for binge eating disorder. The therapist can provide you methods for managing behavior patterns and stabilizing eating habits.
  • Therefore, this initial treatment may help you to note sources of your binge eating and set up some restraints that will lead to the stabilizing your conditions regarding the body image, feelings, and thoughts.
  • The next step is to work out upon reducing your problems concerning triggers that force you to binge eating, maintain the progress and get on the rails of remission. Therefore, it helps you to come back to a healthier lifestyle.
  • If you do not agree to the plan provided by the therapist, you can find another one in your area by using modern methods of searching, like the Internet.

You may also try one of the new methods for fighting with behavior problems, like the Dialectical Behavior Therapy. It`s one of the types of the talking therapy that can help you towards binge eating disorder recovery. One of the specifics for this method is curing emotional aspect of the disorder. It provides four main lines for recover:

binge eating disorder recovery

  • Interpersonal effectiveness. It helps you to ask for effective relationships with other to get emotional support.
  • Distress tolerance. It provides you methods for patience and endurance for emotional suffering in healthier ways.
  • Mindfulness. Provides you methods of controlling your thoughts and restraints for thoughts control on you.
  • Emotion regulation. It gives you strategies to reduce negative emotions and concentrate on positive aspects of your life.

Another method of binge eating disorder treatment is following the Interpersonal Psychotherapy. The main aspect that included in this therapy is the managing the relationships with a close circle of people and developing emotion support from them. The IPT will be practically helpful to stimulate resources for stopping behavior core element of the disorder. The IPT will give you strategies for coping with social situations and relations within the circle of your colleagues, friends, and relatives.

The most popular option connected to the behavior disorders is talking through problems in support groups. If you suffer from binge eating disorder, then you may need to find a support group that will help you to solve the issue. In support groups, you may hear other people experience dealing with problems and get some notes. These groups may provide you necessary consults when you are dealing with a hard time of your therapy. It means that they can find some sympathy for your struggles and empathy to support as they also face these times.

Changing your eating habits as a part of your binge eating disorder recovery

Changing your eating habits as a part of your binge eating disorder recovery

The mindless filling stomach may cause great danger to you. Therefore, the first option to stop binge eating disorder is to eat only when you are hungry. Instead of eating on occasions, like stresses, mental strikes, try to eat only when you are really hungry. Therefore, try to notice the time of day when your body responses that it`s really hungry. Take some notices upon how you feel when you feel that you need to eat. Start eating only when you are hungry, but do not starve as it may provide you a way back to binge eating.

If you eat because you are bored, then get rid of boring things. You may mindlessly look in the fridge to find necessary food, but you may do this just because you don`t know what should you do. Start asking yourself if you are eating only because you are bored. If there is a hint on that, then stop tempting yourself and get on the rails of binge eating self-help. Instead of looking something fun in the refrigerator – take a walk outside or call your friend, watch TV or make your way to a GYM.

binge eating

Maintain portion control while eating. One of the ways to stay out of binge eating is to control portions you take. Do not start compulsive eating, do not eat anything that`s out of the list you maintain. Try to monitor your snacks and meals by putting them into the control boxes. Therefore, it may take you to rational eating instead of binges. Try to concentrate not on the deprivation of your favorite products in life but on the limitation of the quantities. Therefore, instead of illuminating your favorite for the whole day, take one bite of it instead the whole bar. It may erase your temptation to kill few bars of chocolates by the end of the week.

Meal times schedule. Instead of taking bites whenever you desire, try to schedule your meals. It may help you to deprive of binge eating habits. This schedule may include three meals a day to five-six meals.  You may ask a consult of a nutritionist to find the best way of treating. Try to find healthier food instead of rapid snacks. Try to find the right meal that combines health and taste; it may get you of boring things. Healthy snacks should always be around the house to help binge eating. It might be fruits, vegetables, nuts or juice.

binge eating

Mindful eating is a key to the path out of the binge eating disorder. Try to pay attention to the food you buy and eat. The disorder is all about blind consuming the food. Therefore, rational eating may help you to stop taking binges. Enjoy the food you like, think about it, smell it and take your time consuming it. Help your brain to give you a right stop in your eating. Each meal should have a starting point and the finish point. Try to figure out where they are.

Eat only in the right places. Try to make sure that you eat only in the places that are built for eating, like kitchen or restaurant. Do not eat in other places that are not connected to the food. Eat food and watching TV at the same time might be a delicious temptation, but it also leads you to mindless consuming of the food. Enjoy your meal and stay focused while eating. Do not eat standing up as it provides feelings for disconnecting with food. Do not eat while working or playing fun; it may also lead to the consuming of the food in large quantities.

food in large quantities

Use right furniture and dishes for eating. If you try to eat from the big plates, then you may have a feeling of the lack of food. Try to make the illusion that you have an abundant supply of food on your plate. Try to use spoons and forks of the small size to avoid the temptation of getting more on your plate. Overfilling your plate may be stressful, that`s why you would need to use plates of small size to illuminate any hint on the eating more.

Do not get involved in trigger food situations. Try to set up some measures on taking a snack on the streets. Do not trigger the situations where you may feel the high risk of getting on the edge of a binge. Try to get your social walks outside a restaurant. Meet with friends in bars where you know that the food is not served. Do not set up dates in restaurants, try to make something fun and curious for your lady. It should be mentioned; that romantic gestures do not always include food.

food in large quantities

If you are planning a family party, then try to get away to the park or any other place that involve sports activities. Try to limit yourself to the parties were involved delicious food. Try to stick only to one plate of food at the time. If you are sure that you take a ride to a place filled with delicious food, then bring your snacks with you.  The control is everything on the social activities. Bring your portions that may get you fell staffed and at the same time avoid binge eating. Do not fear to get embarrassed by eating your food at the party.

The consultation with a registered dietician is also a good method to avoid binge eating. What else can provide you a true help for coping with eating disorder? The dietician may arrange you a food list that you may eat every day. Help you to compose a plan for a day, week or month eating. It also may help you to set up a purchase list and portion measures. This will help you to get out from binge eating as every meal will be monitored. The dietician may also provide you with help upon managing your body image. Therefore, you may get professional help for dealing the problems concerning your issues right away.

Mental help in the question of  how to stop binge eating

how to stop binge eating

Try to manage your stress situations with binge eating. Binge eating can`t handle correctly response to the issues of your life. Binge eating can be just a response to other issues of your life that, which you highly concerned about. Binge eating may just help you to feel the control over the situation. Therefore, you eat instead of facing real problems in your life. Try to reflect upon the situation and find the right solution to make a deal instead of binge eating. You may try some technics connected to relaxing. The most popular way of getting rid out of stress is Yoga. Nevertheless, you may also try other activities connected to sport and relaxing. Try to surround yourself with sound situations. If you like classic music, then you may try to listen to some music to relax. You may also try outdoor activities with your family and friends instead of binge eating. Therefore, your family, your friends, your habits – try to use everything to relax and get out from the path to the binge eating habit.

Journal for stop binge eating

Journal for stop binge eating 

Try to keep a journal to make a note about episodes of your binge eating. It may help you to stay in touch with certain episodes and connect feelings with these episodes. Take a time out of the day to make some difference and right down your feelings during the day. Do not be shy and just try, to be honest with yourself. Try to remember every aspect of the food that concerns you. Try to lead a log with your food, but do not try to overeat.  Do not make any step back toward the rails of binge eating.

Try to listen to your body

Try to listen to your body

Your body is a powerful magnet toward binge eating habits. Do not try to fight with your body toward eating habits. It`s not easy to understand when you are truly hungry and when you just need a snack because you are boring. Nevertheless, try to listen to your body and notice the role pattern of behavior that can make your body when you desire food. If you need to binge eating, then try to do something else instead. Do not go anywhere related to food, just try to read a book, walk around your neighborhood, call a friend, ask somebody out. If you have an urge for eating, then try to clarify if you desire to eat or just need some binge. If it`s the second option, then restrain yourself, no eating is allowed for you. In the same time, do not starve, it may only get you to the path of binge eating.

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