How to stop hiccups?

Do you often suffer from hiccups, but you don’t know how to stop it? Read this article and find out!


Loud and prolonged laughter, hot and spicy food, the too rapid process of absorption of food, as well as a large number of these factors are fundamental in the occurrence of hiccups. This spasmodic involuntary action occurs when the diaphragm is irritated. In most cases, hiccups go away on its own and only lasts a couple of minutes. However, more severe cases of the hiccups can last for hours, days or even weeks. If hiccups last more than a few hours, you should immediately ask for medical help because it can be a symptom of something more serious.


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There are some simple ways to stop suffering from hiccups.

Use a paper bag. One of the means to stop hiccups is to breathe out and breathe in a little paper (if you don’t have paper, use plastic) pack. It will increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood, which helps to reduce the sensitivity of one of the nerve endings in the brain that is responsible for the operation of the diaphragm.

Water. Slowly drink and swallow water, holding the breath for about 10 seconds. It also helps to increase the level of carbon dioxide in the blood.

Breath holding. If you can’t use the paper bag or you don’t have enough water, just hold your breath. Repeat this procedure several times for 10 seconds.

Cold water. Take a glass of water with ice and slowly drink it. There is a medical opinion that the drop in temperature in the organism may stop hiccups.


Fear. Ask any of your friends to scare you. Unexpected action may force you to squeeze your diaphragm, destroying the basis of the hiccups.

Sugar. Swallow a teaspoon of sugar. It also helps to eliminate hiccups. The theory of this method is that sugar also has an effect on the nerve endings responsible for the operation of the diaphragm. The most profound effect, in this case, will be achieved if you put sugar under your tongue and wait for it dissolving.

Rinse. Gargling will prevent breath; it will raise the level of carbon dioxide in your blood. Gargle alternately with ice water and warm water to change the temperature of some of the nerves. Perform this procedure until the disappearance of hiccups.

Oil. Eat a teaspoon of butter. It will force you to swallow harder, which will stop hiccups.

A cough or a sneeze. Coughing and sneezing force the diaphragm to compress. It eliminates spasms and can stop hiccups.

Inhale and swallow. Take a deep breath, so until you're sure that you can’t do it more. Pause 5-10 seconds, allowing air to leave your lungs. Then a little exhale and inhale again. This combined effect changes the ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your blood system and will eliminate the symptoms of hiccups.


We hope that we helped you to prevent this problem. Be healthy!

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