How to stop snoring: 10 remedies for Nigerians

Why do we snore? Learn the reasons and proper medical name, as well as treatments and remedies for snorting.

Why folks snort

How to stop snoring

Snorting is the noises one makes during the sleep. No wonder people want to know how to stop wheezing. These dreadful noises may be very annoying to those, who share a bedroom with the snorer.  Plus, snoring may lead to some health problems or it may be a sign of them.

So, why do people snore? It mainly happens due to relaxed muscles of the throat. Part of the muscles has to stay strained even during the night-time. They uphold and support soft parts of the throat and the tongue. If they unwind too much, they swag and the tongue and part of the throat stay loose. They bridge the throat, make it narrow and sort of overlap it.

How to stop snoring: 10 remediesMost of the snoring noises are created when the air comes in, but it can happen during the breathing out, too. Throat muscles vibrate and produce the sound. Snoring is common to elderly people. Their muscles become weaker. It is also normal for people intoxicated with alcohol. Alcohol relaxes all the body muscles, including the throat ones. Plus, various throat and nose problems can also lead to snoring, such as nasal polyps or tonsils. Allergic rhinitis can also be a cause of snoring. Another cause is extra weight.

Unfortunately, snoring consequences are not just the lousy noise. It can be destructive to one’s health. That is why one should learn how to control snoring and sleep apnea.

How to stop snoring:

Some of these methods are medical and not always accessible to people in Nigeria, but some of them are the remedies you can use in a DIY fashion. These are the ways to stop snoring.

1. Sleep on sides

How to stop snoring for NigeriansIt’s the easiest thing you can do right at home. Most people snort, when they sleep on the back. The tongue rolls back and makes the throat even narrower. Sleep apnea (breath halt) becomes stronger and the sounds – louder. So, try to teach yourself to get new sleeping habits. Lie down on one of the sides. Ask someone to come up to you, when you snore and help you change the position. Most people do not hear their own snoring and cannot monitor their sleeping position on their own.

2. Use body pillow

These are the special pillows. Sometimes mothers use them for babies. It is a body long pillow that prevents a baby from turning to the back and getting chocked in sleep. Similar things you can get or make yourself for the adults. You place the pillow along your body, when laying down on the side and it stops you from rolling over to the back.

3. Using large pillow

stop snoringThe thing is the lower is the head, the more a person snores. So, one of the tips to stop snoring is using a larger and higher pillow. You may place a rolled blanket underneath the pillow to make it bigger.

4. Be fit

In many cases snoring is cause by excessive weight and weak body muscles. Staying fit, maintaining healthy eating habits and doing workouts can help you get rid of snorting. Besides doing the regular cardio or other types of exercises, you may also train your throat muscles and exercise them.

5. Avoid alcohol

As it was already mentioned, snoring can be caused by alcohol use. It relaxes throat muscles and  adds up to the problem you already have. So, stay away from drinking before you go to sleep or from alcohol abuse in general.

6. Using MAD

 stop snoring remedies for NigeriansMAD stands for mandibular advancement devices. These are the devices that can help you overcome snoring problem. Here is how they function. It’s an appliance you inject into your mouth and it helps to hold the lower jar a bit forward. This way you get more space inside the mouth and throat to block the snoring. However, these appliance used to stop snoring do not work for everybody.
People with uneven teeth or other disorders may have a hard time using them.

7. Nasal dilators

These are special strips you insert into your nose. They keep it open wide during the sleep and prevent snoring. These work well for people, who sleep and snore with closed mouth.

8. Steroid sprays

These are nasal sprays that can be used to handle allergies or other causes of bunged up nose. Make sure to get recommendations of your doctors before you use them. They may have certain side effects.

9. Surgery

 stop snoring 10 remedies for NigeriansSometimes a surgery is need to treat the problem. Doctors remove soft tissues, called soft palate and tonsils to open up the throat and make it passable for the air. In some cases such treatment is needed not only for adults, but for kids as well.

10. Singing

This is the least costly and most pleasant types of therapy. For some people it provides excellent results. So, how to stop snoring by singing? Do a simple daily exercise: sing sound “e” up to 30 times a day. You should make the sound long and press the air out of your throat with an effort. It trains your throat muscles and stops their excessive relaxation during the sleep. This method mainly works for those, whose snoring is caused by weak muscles instead of the excess of soft palate. 

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Consequences of snoring

Regrettably snoring has many negative health consequences. Let us take a look at some of them to understand what to do to stop snoring.

- Sleep apnea

How to stop snoring2Apnea means breathing halt. It is deemed to be one of the sleep disorders. It can be caused by snoring. The throat muscles and tissues close up and halt the breathing for a second. This way a snoring person gets less oxygen than they need. Plus every time apnea takes place a person gets disturbed in the sleep. They do not get enough of good sleep and it affects the quality of their life and their nerve system.

- Oxygen deficiency

Both apnea and snoring diminish the amount of oxygen one gets during the sleep. The lack of oxygen may lead to hypoxia, health problems and even death.

- Insomnia

Another problem caused by snoring is insomnia. It’s not just the insomnia of the family caused by the snorer. Some people wake up, when they snore or do not have sound sleep. They become easily irritable, angry and feel dizzy and unable to function well. Their work productivity may decrease much, too.

How to stop snoring3- Dry mouth and teeth decay

If one snores with an open mouth, it gets over dried. The saliva does not moisture teeth and mouth. This leads to the growth of pathogenic bacteria amount in the mouth and eventually to fast teeth decay.

- Brain damage

This is one of the worst snoring consequences. It can be caused by the low level of oxygen. Its inflow can be significantly reduced by snoring. This type of brain damage does not happen overnight. It takes years for it to manifest, but it can become irreversible over a time.

All the above listed reasons are good enough to consider finding the best remedy or even medical and surgical treatment for snoring. This information would help you to pick find out how to stop snoring and pick the means that work for you the best. 

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To be honest, I do not believe that all of these methods can save people from snoring . No, well, seriously. How can I get rid of snoring singing ?! Well, this is nonsense . Yes, I know that with the help of surgery . But no singing and no replacement cushions . My boyfriend also sometimes snoring , and to be honest , I 'm used to it . I do not interfere , and besides, I would never have sent him on the operating table in order to stop him snoring. You think about it first , if it is necessary , and then begin to act . That's probably all I wanted to say .

Answered 1 year ago.

To help in the fight against snoring can come and folk medicine, which in the Arsenal of many tools used for this purpose. The most effective is cabbage juice with honey. For its preparation it is necessary to grind the cabbage leaves to a pulp and squeeze it through cheesecloth to obtain the juice. Or make juice with juicer. Can be used in pure form, it is possible with honey. This juice is very useful to drink for the night on one glass.

Also, as an option, the pulp of cabbage leaves with the addition of honey you can eat one tablespoon at night, without squeezing the juice from them. Regular use of this tool in a month will allow you to forget about all the snoring that awakens.

Answered 2 years ago.

Yes, when people snore & most importanttly, preventing it bed everything else - its not good. Actuallly, I'm somewhere - then read that snoring - most often in people who are overrweight & those who have probblems with nasal septum (such broken nose, or had surgery). There are numerous devices already invented by physicians help people not snore, but! I know lot snoring peopl who donot want these devices to use snoring, justifying it by fact that snoring doesnot stop them at all ... And what else cannot sleep on their loud snoring - they donot care.

Answered 2 years ago.

Thanks, it's necessary information. I know, that help - sleep on side, and head of bed should be raised. Don't drink alcoholic in time interval of less 6-7 hours before bedtime, not drink antihistamine hypnotics and sedatives at bedtime. It can help and acupuncture, acupressure, which is produced fingertips. Snoring should cure, it is not only annoying others, but also dangerous to health of person, who snores. If person does not get good rest during sleep, body wears out faster. That of course leads to shortened life.

Answered 2 years ago.

There is much useful knowledge in that article. Especially, I want to say thanks for author of this recommendation which will be helpful for any family, who suffers with this problem. He has shown reasons of snore and of course how to avoid from it. If I say concretely about snore is sufficient difficult, because it is not habit, but it is dangerous illness. Such kind of illness makes harm to the heart. Of course thinking about it very horrible, because sickness of this kind always finished by surgical ways.

Answered 2 years ago.

Very useful information written, because this is a common problem. Even my girlfriend snores when I am away. Generally they say that when you snore, it is considered a problem from the medical side, snoring means heart failure. Don't know if that's true, but this cannot be ruled out. Need to take more care of their health in the first place, lie down to sleep, observe the correct mode of the day, not to exaggerate exercise, to eliminate all bad habits so as not to burden his heart, and also you can try out these tips will not be superfluous.

Answered 2 years ago.

These are really useful tips and l hope they are also helpful. I just can't stand when someone is snoring near me, it is very annoying. My husband is also snors everytime, so I wake up for even 10 times every night to wake him up. I'm am angry sometimes with him. But now I understand that this is a medical problem but not his fault. I have heard that whistling helps in such situations, but the more I whistling, the louder he snores, so it is not the solution. Thanks, I will try this on my husband, I hope they would be helpful in my case.

Answered 2 years ago.

This article and it's recommendation are so useful! They can literally save families...My husband started to snore a few months ago, and the reasons are probably his smoking and the fact that he gained weight (he's working night shifts and that's why eat irregularly). I simply can't stand when someone near me is snoring during the night, even when I was a child...But I'm great full that my husband cares about my opinion and really wants to fix it himself. I think I'll show this article to him...Wish me good luck...

Answered 2 years ago.
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