How to stop snoring?

Do you suffer from snoring? Do you have a loved one who suffers from this disease? The article provides you some tips on how to stop snoring.

Health and happiness

If you think about life values and priorities, what would you put above all else? Of course, the life and health of your children, friends, and relatives, your private life. What is the wish of most sounds in the greeting texts? Health and happiness! No one is safe from a disease, but you should always take care of your health.

People sometimes provoke the emergence of diseases by themselves: bad habits, wrong way of life, indifference and lack of attention to the changes from time to time indicate to us, that not everything is alright in our kingdom.

snoring is one of the symbols of disturbance

The snoring is one of the symbols of disturbance in your life. Paradoxically, but the snorer can not hear his/her snore, how loud his/her snore is. Sleep in the same bed or the same room with a snoring man is a real punishment. He/she has fallen asleep, and you are forced to push endlessly and ask to lie down on the side, turn on your stomach. He/she sleepily and dutifully performs your commands, without knowing what you desire to have as a result. These actions do not always help, but at least for a while, there is silence in the bedroom, and you have a chance to sleep until the night snoring starts again.

How dangerous is snoring?

How dangerous is snoring?

This question is addressed rather to the female audience, as the most snorers are still men. Nevertheless, they are not worried about this, considering it rather a sign of health, as in ancient times the heroic snoring is linked to good health. The revelation came to men when researchers found that snorers live less. Later it was proved that the snoring is not the thing to fear, but apnea during the snoring is a real dangerous sign.

Who are the victims of snorers? The people who sleep with them in one bed. Only they can witness the process when their loved ones suddenly stop breathing for a few seconds or even a minute and then start inhaling with snoring nose. Sometimes the snorer can start muttering something, and, at the same time, start to toss and turn chaotically. These pauses in breathing while snoring are called obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. It carries the greatest risk to health and even life.

greatest risk to health and even life

In fact, you may witness short episodes of breathlessness. Respiratory arrest lasts an average of 15-20 seconds during sleep apnea, but it means that a person does not breath for three-four hours in total during the night. The lack of oxygen causes the development of hypertension, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrhythmias, and even sudden death during sleep.

death during sleep

There is no doubt that snoring is dangerous both for the snorer and for his/her family. Why exactly?

  • It increases the risk of falling asleep while driving. People with sever apnea has more chances to provoke a road incident than a usual driver. Moreover, usually, it is the most severe accidents, like entering the oncoming lane, with fatal consequences. What happens in this case if the whole family is in the car?
  • Women who sleep near the snoring men suffer not only from snoring as it prevents sleep but also from associated symptoms, like night sweats, frequent urination, decreased potency.
  • The defective dream does not invigorate and refresh. Even members of the family who is forced to suffer because of snoring, experiencing constant nervousness and irritation, they suffer from insomnia and concomitant diseases.

How to convince the person to be treated

How to convince the person to be treated from snoring?

  • Do not tell him/her with irritation in a voice that he/she is the cause of your insomnia, migraine, bad mood. Be kind, treat him/her with an understanding of his/her problems. The person is not responsible for snoring, he/ she is also a victim of the disease.
  • If a person denies snoring, because he/she did not hear himself/herself in a dream, then you shouldn`t raise voice. You shouldn`t accuse a person of lying. Softly and gently try to convince him/her of the truth of your words. And if you notice breathing stops during snoring, you should sound an alarm. Record the pauses in breathing and snores on a mobile phone camera, do not forget to warn the snorer about it. Ask him/her to hold his/her breath at the same time as he/she was not breathing during sleep. Typically, such a method works, and it is easier to persuade a person to ask for help.
  • Do not forget to mention how you worry about the snorer`s health, at the same time tell about the possible dire consequences of the disease.

Do not forget to mention how you worry

  • Make it clear that there is a danger not only to the snorer but also to relatives, loved ones. In addition to discomfort, the snorer can pause a danger when is sitting behind the wheel while driving.
  • Be sure to persuade a loved one to get an appointment with a somnologist, if you notice a sleep apnea. Moreover, the sooner, the better, do not drive the disease in a remote corner.
  • As a rule, after the medical tests, and communication with an expert, the snorer becomes aware of the situation, and it`s easier to convince the person to take treatment.
  • If the snorer does not desire to acknowledge the problem and goes to a doctor only to get rid of your complaining, then take the snorer to the doctor personally. In this case, the doctor will pay more attention to how to affect the health of the person who refuses treatment.

affect the health

  • Sometimes patients are afraid of the possibility of sleeping with a CPAP machine, and they refuse treatment, due to fear of jokes from the side of relatives and friends. You should support the person in such a situation, the snorer needs to be healthy, and you do not mind how she/he will look like during the treatment.

Believe that you can save the life

  • Believe that you can save the life and health of a loved one, and it will give you strength, patience, and persuasiveness.

People invented methods of cloning cells and going to the other planets. Moreover, if you have a problem with a snorer, then some scientists invented something to help with your problem.

People invented methods

Pills against snoring

Apart from the pills, on the market of medicines, you can meet sprays, aerosols, drops and rinse against snoring. Their action treatment is aimed at clearing nasal congestion, reducing pharyngeal mucosa inflammation or toning the muscles of the soft palate.

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Many remedies help to treat snoring, some of them are even sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Nevertheless, you must understand that the constant use of drugs lead to addiction, and the effect will come to naught. Do not forget that your pocket will not be thrilled with the regular shopping of snoring medicine.

Pills against snoring


Surgery can remove adenoid growths and sag of the soft palate. Operations do not take a lot of time. Local anesthesia will help you to get rid of the pain. The operation in a public hospital with a scalpel will not hit hard in your wallet, but the laser surgery of private clinics can make your wallet lighter.

Surgery can remove adenoid

Removal of the adenoids is necessary for normal breathing of a person. Heavily overgrown adenoid tissue poses the need to breathe through the mouth, and in some cases even lead to oxygen starvation.

The soft palate surgery reduces the formation of thermal burns or cuts on it. Subsequent healing of tissue volume decreases with time, and it promises the disappearance of snoring.

Firsthand it should be told to you that the real fun begins after the procedure. One week you will not be able to have anything other than yogurt or gruel. Sometimes the removal of adenoids does not help at all.

The soft palate surgery reduces the formation of thermal burns

 There are no easy ways to get rid of snoring. Do not dive to advertising of various gizmos and do not get carried away with the reception of tablets. Forget about the pillows and operations; they may even reduce snoring, but it will not relieve you from any cause. Therefore, you have to go to the "unacceptable" methods.

What should you do with snoring?

What should you do with snoring

There are many reasons why snoring happens to people. Some of them are distinct.

See a doctor

Find a specialist who van thoroughly examine the state of your respiratory system. People with overweight problems should remember that fat tissue interrupts normal breathing. The athletes should pay more attention to their noses, especially martial arts sportsmen.

Limit yourself

 Sleeping pills, alcohol and coffee before bed relaxes the throat muscles and contribute to "roar." Overeating and junk food put pressure on the diaphragm and restrict air flow. Some medications can be a catalyst for snoring, examine their case and find a replacement.

find a replacement

No allergy

Get rid of allergens and irritants in your bedroom; that can contribute to snoring. Dust mites accumulate in bedding and can cause allergic reactions. Do you allow pets to sleep with you? The fur of animals is also known irritant. Ventilate the room more often, change the pillowcases, pillows and so on. Close the door to the bedroom from cats and dogs.

Make air more humid

Humidify the air in the bedroom. Dryness is often the cause of snoring. If you do not have a humidifier, put a few cans of water in the room for the night. Do not forget to take a hot bath or shower before bedtime. Rinse nose and throat with sea salt is a solution to increase the elasticity of the palate muscles and clear the respiratory tract.

Make air more humid


 Train the muscles of the palate. Stick out your tongue as far as possible, then relax. Repeat the exercise 10 times. Stick out your tongue over and try to touch the chin. Repeat the action 10 times. Repeat this exercise, but this time, try to get to the nose with your tongue. Repeat the action ten times. Unless you are lazy enough, make it a rule to sing in every comfortable setting. For example, during a morning shower or drive to work in the car. Singing helps to train throat muscles. At the worst, instead of the usual bar visit a karaoke.

Sleep enough time

It is written in medical books that every adult should sleep at least eight hours per day. Therefore, make sure that you have these hours for sleeping time.

Sleep enough time

Do not refuse treatment

The snoring is not a big problem for, the great problem is that you stop breathing for a long time during one night. This can lead to a fatal disease. Moreover, you are not the only one who suffers from snoring. Just think about your family and especially your wife/husband. Their angry mood is caused by the snoring which you do not desire to treat. Snoring is a typical disease and should be dealt with accordingly.

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