How to touch breast of girlfriend to melt her down?

Do you want to know how to impress your girlfriend and bring her unforgettable excitement during touching her breast? Read the article and become a real master.

Breast stimulation

Of course, everyone knows that sex is an important component of relations. There are methods by which you can give to the woman an indescribable pleasure for which she will properly thank any man.

To deliver your lady a maximum enjoyment you should begin to caress her breasts with slow movements, without sprinkling her nipples. Many women have very sensitive nipples. Feelings, which their stimulation causes, can be both enjoyable and cause irritation. A woman can receive divine pleasure when her partner modestly breathes on her nipples, and if he touches them a little harder, she immediately shudders in pain. Thus, man must learn how to manipulate her nipples as if it was a butterfly, to become a master in the art of the most tender of sexual stimulation. Another type of woman wants her partner to treat her nipples as the absolute master and does not find anything erotic in the point when he sticks at them as an industrial vacuum cleaner. Put your fingers on the sides of the nipples on their perimeter so that your hands almost do not touch them. Lightly press your fingers on the skin around the nipples and begin to pull the fingers in different directions. It will tighten the skin on the nipples. Now you can lick them or suck.

Those women who like their breasts and nipples stimulated, often complain that men give this little time. Perhaps, it is difficult not to pay too much attention to the chest of your partner if he or she is extremely delighted with it. Stimulating the breasts and nipples, try to suck and lick the whole breast, not just the nipples. Do not forget from time to time to switch from one breast to the other.

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Do not forget that your woman has two breasts, and you have only one mouth. Perhaps she would like it if you caress one breast with your hand until your lips will gently encourage another breast. Perhaps it will seem to her a complete madness, and perhaps she will like if you caress your hands some other part of her body. To know it for sure, it is best to ask her about it.

touch breast

Sometimes one breast or nipple is more sensitive than other breast and the other nipple. Find out if your partner wants you to spend more time on the stimulation of the breast (or the nipple), which is more sensitive.

Snapped ice cube can be one of the most exciting ways to greet your partner's nipples. For the stimulation of the nipples, which are already frozen, you can use the hot or warm drink before you suck or lick them. In this case, the nipple will experience completely amazing feelings.

And the most important rule for you is not to forget to ask your partner about her feelings and wishes and always try to find something new.

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