How to treat a flu and cold at home?

Have caught a cold or flu? Don’t know how to cope with the symptoms at home? Read the article and find out about the ways of treatment and prevention of these diseases.

Have caught a cold

Treatment of flu or cold at home without drugs does not imply that all week long you spend in front of the television, drinking lemon tea, waiting for the disease to retreat itself.

Defeating the virus quickly and without drugs is really possible. But only if you do not twiddle your thumbs.

Cold impedes our habitual way of life both in winter and summer. Is it possible to cure the common cold in one night? How not to miss the moment and what should be done to cope with an unpleasant condition? Under what conditions the virus will surrender in a day?

So sick

Usually cold begins gradually, and the first signs of it, such as viruses, penetrating through the nose, causing a runny nose and a desire to sneeze; tickling in the throat; weakness of the body; fever. To recognize the first signs, do not expect that the disease will retreat itself: if you will not cure it - in a day or two the condition deteriorates, but if you strike a comprehensive blow - after 24 hours you will be healthy again.

Undergo a cure simultaneously with recreation

It is not necessary to withstand cold "on your feet" - it is best if you spend the night at home, thereby giving your body a chance to rest and have a good treatment. Do not rush to lower the temperature by means of febrifuge - the temperature up to 38 degrees (as in the beginning of the disease, it is in the range of 37.2 to 38 degrees) means that the immune system is working actively, helping the body to cope with the virus. Let him struggle.

More vitamin C!

Interferon - a protein that protects cells from the virus, and is produced with the help of vitamin C, so you really will help your immune system by ensuring an uninterrupted supply of the vitamin from food and drink.

Tea, honey and lemon

Get plenty of fruits (oranges, apples, kiwi, lemons, grapefruit) and vegetables (fresh and pickled cabbage, onion, garlic) - the foundation of your diet right now. High protein and fatty food should be avoided - the body expends a lot of energy to digest it, thereby distracting from the fighting infection.

For the prevention of flu or cold it is useful to eat bananas, apricots, potatoes, celery and spinach. This food is rich in potassium, and it increases blood circulation, which helps protect the body from hypothermia.

There are a lot of drinks with large quantities of vitamin C: tea with lemon, raspberry, black currant; The main thing, drink a lot - up to 1.5 liters per day, and the drink should be warm, but not hot.

Some of them help to stop viruses and other warm up the body from the inside and provide him steady perspiration, and others - support and strengthen the immune system.

It is said that through the nose the germs enter the body, and if you do not pay enough attention to their removal, the disease will not only stay active, but will quickly move into the next phase.

Choose oil-based nasal drops - they desiccate the mucosa and help restore your breathing. Sometimes it is needed to take antihistamines to relieve swelling in the area of ​​the nasal sinuses. In addition, you can use medicines that improve the outflow of the sinuses.

Runny nose

Your task is to regularly rinse your nose with special substances: herbal, salt and others.

Let's move to the throat

Unpleasant sore throat - one of the first symptoms of the disease. If you ignore this feeling, it will soon be a cough, and then bronchitis or other complications.


Inhalation is an excellent way to get rid of viruses. Lots of people are practicing inhalation over a saucepan of potatoes, but you can bring a certain variety to the familiar procedure - to brew eucalyptus, sage, chamomile or oak bark. Excellent solution is mineral water and grape juice mix, besides it is not only effective, but also quite pleasant, which is important in the treatment of very young patients, persuading that treatment is necessary is not always easy.

After preparing one of the solutions, bend over container (it can be a special inhaler or an ordinary pan) and cover yourself with a towel and breathe. During the procedure, remember the simple but very important rules: breathe in through your nose - exhale through the mouth only. It will be good if you can do at least 50 breaths. And another thing: during inhalation you should not suffer from very high temperatures, it can burn the mucous membranes. Repeating the procedure is preferably every two to three hours.


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The effectiveness of the treatment of the common cold or the flu at home largely depends on the air you breathe in. It is important that it should not be too warm and dry. In addition, a great helper in the fight against disease would be a humidifier. It will ease cough and runny nose, and will protect the skin from dryness. If you do not have a humidifier, you can put next to the bed container with cool water with a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil.


During the illness in any case you can not be cold, especially your feet need warmth. You can make a hot foot bath with mustard, and you can fill the wool socks with the mustard and wear them at night to sleep.

Warm bath will help you keep warmth, but not hot bath (just 38-42 degrees), which should be taken before the bedtime. Remember that when the body temperature is above 38 degrees hot bath is strictly prohibited - it can really hurt your heart. After the bath, which should take about 30-40 minutes, quickly do all the above procedures (rinsing of the nose, throat gargling, inhalation, mustard in socks) and go to a warm bed. Because it is very important not to lose heat, the bed can be pre-heated.

With the slightest signs of high temperature do not leave the house - it will only aggravate the disease. The weakened body is extremely sensitive to extremes of heat, and moving from a warm house to a cold air and back, you are putting yourself at risk.

 Sleeping is great

A full night's sleep after all the measures are done is a major component of your treatment. For a person, who wants to win cold in a day, is very important to have a sleep.


Ask for help

It is necessary to call a doctor at least in order to accurately understand what exactly illness you have, and to avoid serious diagnoses and consequences. In addition, the doctor will decide what pathogens it is necessary to affect with medicines – is it a virus or a bacterial infection, which was complicated by the disease. After all, getting rid of bacteria and viruses have  completely different ways of treatment.

Compliance with these basic tips, sincere concern for your own health - this is quite an effective way for rapid recovery without the use of drugs within the home treatment of influenza.

Help me!

Protecting yourself from the flu even during the epidemic is real, if you follow the simple rules:

  • Try as little as possible to be in areas with large concentrations of people.
  • Wash your hands more often. The flu is easily transmitted through handshakes, door handles, handrails in public transport.
  • Eat garlic or simply squeeze it into butter. If you are confused by the smell, take garlic capsules. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. If you chew it for a few minutes, even a small piece of it, in the mouth will be practically no bacteria. 

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