How to treat flu with garlic?

This is why garlic is great for treating flu. Learn how to use if properly and stay well.

How to treat flu with garlic

Just a while ago life seemed to be gorgeous, but suddenly your throat becomes sore and you realize: flu had come. Nobody likes to be ill, especially if there is so much to do. Therefore, you begin to think: how to treat flu? There are many good things like ginger, honey or Cat’s Claw that can help you in disease control, but in this article you will get to know how to treat flu with garlic.

Treating flu with garlic.

1.Why garlic?

Scientific studies prove that this plant works as one of the best for flu treatments. It contains vitamins C and B6, phosphorus, calcium, and other useful strands. Among them there is the antioxidant allicine that attacks the disease. It is the main active material of the garlic. Due to the powerful composition, garlic kills viruses and bacteria, has the antifungal effect and supports the immune system. It also protects you from cancer, osteoarthritis, lows blood pressure and numerous heart problems like atherosclerosis. The level of cholesterol also goes down with its help.

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2. How to consume garlic?

The best way is to eat it raw. You can simply crush it and eat. Or mix with water and drink. Or wash down with the citrus. Either compound it (in a mashed variant) with honey, another natural flu treatment. Mixing garlic with onions and cayenne pepper would be also effective. At last, if the taste or the smell of garlic is too inappropriate for you, it is possible to buy garlic supplements.

You can use garlic as a seasoning and cook it. It loses the part of its useful qualities, but still can be eaten as a treatment if taken regularly.

Sprouted garlic and the black one are even better than fresh garlic. They consist of more antioxidants and, therefore, have more force.

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3. Can there be any side-effects?

When searching how to treat flu with garlic, do not overdo with it. Too much of a good thing can make you sick. It means, when you eat too much garlic all the time, problems like diarrhea, bad breath and sweaty odor appear.

Be careful in case you have an allergy to onions: garlic can also cause the reaction. If your sugar is low, avoid garlic because it will worsen the situation.

Just one clove per day is permitted for pregnant but it is better to use not garlic as rare as possible because garlic thins blood and can cause bleeding. If you are not pregnant but take medicines with the thinning effect, consider this fact too.

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As it can be simply seen, garlic is an efficient natural treatment that improves your health and protects from diseases. Take it correctly and enjoy life without flu.

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