How to treat itching in private male parts?

Are you familiar with this problem? The causes and consequences may be cruel. Read the article and find out how to get rid of itching in the private areas.


Each teenager or an adult male have unusual changes in the skin or sensations in intimate areas. These include itching of the genitals in the area of the perineum and anus. In addition to the discomfort caused by these symptoms, anxiety, worries, and fear to seek medical attention appear. Not everyone will dare to talk about it, even with the closest people.

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The causes of itching in the intimate areas

Basic untidiness, an inability of regular bathing or showers can be the most simple cause of itchiness. Wearing underwear made of low-quality synthetic material leads to an appearance of itchiness. In this case, increased sweating also causes skin irritation.

Chemical components of some products may show aggressiveness towards the skin of the men's perineum. Itching of the testicles and groin area of adolescents occurs in puberty due to the growth of hair in these areas. This is the most secure cause of the phenomenon.

Meanwhile, itching of male genital organs may appear not only as a result of poor hygiene but can also be a symptom of quite serious diseases. Do not just think about the sexually transmitted origin of the problem. In most cases, itching in the perineum is just a symptom of the existing disease, but not an independent one. Discomfort in these parts of the body may be formed with insufficient renal function, disruption of the liver, allergic phenomena and other dysfunctions of the body.


Considering the symptoms from a medical point of view, it should highlight the main groups of factors that cause itching of the genitals in the crotch:

  • external influence of the environment on the genitourinary system: lack of hygiene, infections, parasites;
  • allergic reactions;
  • stress, negative emotional stress;
  • pathological processes in body systems (sexual and other spheres).

Depending on the type of disease the itching may be subject to the testicles (scrotum), the head of the penis, the anus.

Itching in the perineum — the action of parasites and infections.

Itching in the genital organs often occurs when an infection penetrates into the genitourinary system of men.

The most common diseases are chlamydia, anaplasmosis, candidiasis. Itchiness in intimate zones also appears usually after sex, while taking a shower or bath. Increased itching occurs at night. There is a burning sensation during ejaculation, itch under the testicles, redness, and rash.

What is more, an infection can be penetrated to a man's organism during sex. To sexually transmitted infection belong genital herpes, causing itching in the perineum, watery, rashes and soreness. Vesicles can develop on the penis, scrotum, anus areas.

Irritation of the anus is a symptom of worm infestation. Certain types of worms in connection with the peculiarity of their life cycle can affect this area periodically. Itching appears for 3-4 days, worse at night and disappears in 3-4 weeks. Then the symptoms appear again.


Pubic lice may occur only after a month after infection. The characteristic itching in the intimate area and the testicles in men is accompanied by the appearance of bite marks and rashes.

Fungal infections cause itching in the crotch area, especially on the scrotum and inguinal folds. There is the appearance of specific lesions. Infection occurs through contact with men skin scales of the dermis media. This can occur by using the same towel, bedding, clothing with someone infected.

Often intense itching of the genital organs in men manifests itself in balanoposthitis. The disease is associated with infection of the microorganisms, penetration of streptococci and staphylococci, inflamed foreskin and head of the penis, difficult urination.

The treatment of itching

If the causes of itching in the intimate areas are hygienic in nature, you should take a shower at least two times a day. It is necessary to use a detergent with a neutral pH. They must not contain dyes, fragrances, which can cause allergies.

Underwear should be made of natural materials (cotton, linen) and have a spacious form. Home clothes should allow an air exchange of the body and surface. Soap and shampoo should be applied with a small concentration in water. Contained alkali and other reagents can amplify the inflammation of the skin.


Tablet furatsilina is soluble for washing itchy areas of the skin in water. Also, you can apply a blend of potassium permanganate low saturation (the color is darker pink). A blend with a high concentration of powder may cause dryness of the mucous membrane of the itchy surfaces.

The procedure is best done before bedtime. After cleaning, the place with the skin irritation is dried for applying a clean cloth. 

During allergic itching treatment, it is useful to use herbal infusions of sage, chamomile, marjoram, clover. Brewed 0.5 liters of boiling water the grass needs to steep for a day. Then the infusion is filtered before going to sleep, then make a lotion on the itchy areas. While treating this disease, you should refrain from visiting the beach, solarium, swimming pool.

In a case of allergic reactions to certain foods (atopic dermatitis), you should avoid fatty, spicy, fried foods. The diet should not include foods in the most frequent causes of skin irritation: coffee, alcohol, cheese, chocolate, etc.


If the situation does not change, a visit to the doctor is inevitable. After the examination, in the absence of diseases that cause similar symptoms in intimate areas, your doctor may prescribe a 1% hydrocortisone ointment. You should lubricate problem areas with this product no more than ten days, using the ointment in a thin layer no more than three times a day. Overdose can lead to chemical burns on the areas of the perineum.

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