How to treat toilet infection naturally?

Toilet infection treatment can be done successfully with the use of natural remedies. Are you interested in? So, go on reading the article.

toilet infection

Normal flora is supported by such bacteria like Lacto Bacillus. Under the influence of certain factors, such as the constant change of partners, hygiene, decreased immunity, hormonal disorders and others, the proportion of this bacterium is significantly reduced. In this regard, there is a large number of pathogens that cause inflammation. Accordingly, vaginal infections appear.

There are several types of vaginal infections that occur due to the lack of lacto bacilli.

Treatment of vaginal infections with natural remedies

It will be effective in that case if you know which one form of infection do you have. In addition, often natural treatment is a complement which accelerates the main doctor prescribed treatment.

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Nevertheless, there is no the slightest doubt about their effectiveness. Traditional recipes can greatly speed up the healing process, relieve quick pain and discomfort and strengthen health and immunity.

toilet infection

Let's look at some useful recipes:

  • Oddly enough, but urine therapy treats well vaginal infections. To restore the acidic vaginal environment, you need to drink 50ml of your own urine per day.
  • You can also do douching with fresh urine.
  • The most common vaginal infection – thrush. So a few tips on how to treat useful remedies. Eat garlic on daily basis, which restores microflora and kills infectious bacteria. You can also make a garlic-based tampons. To do this, chopped garlic wrap in cheesecloth, and use as a tampon. But it should not be more than for 2 hours. For thrush you need to drink goat milk, eat boiled lamb, veal. Be sure to exclude from the diet fruits and sugar.
  • To reduce the itching and pain in the vaginal infections the following decoction will help: 2 little spoons of chamomile pour with boiling water (0.5) and put on fire. Boil it for 5 minutes, strain, and cool. This broth is needed to be done daily - douching during the week.
  • Boil 0.5 liters of milk, and add a head of grated garlic. When the broth has been cooled, take a douche. It will remove the pain and destroy the infection. For greater effect, you need to do douching before going bed.

Treatment of vaginal infections with such remedies will help to get rid of diseases, to restore the microflora of the vagina and forget about health problems. It is possible to prepare it by yourself, but you can also get ready-made drugs, made by people's recipes, with the correct dosage and mixture components. And save time and don't hurt health with self-treatment.

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