How to unclog earwax?

People are wondering how to clean their ears and unclog earwax. Do they do it right? Why is it very dangerous to clean the ears in a wrong way? You’ll find all the answers here right now.

How to unclog ear wax

How to clean the ears properly? How to unclog ear wax at home? A lot of people are interested in the answer to these questions. Today we will try to reveal this topic in details.

Can I clean the ears?

unclog ear wax at home

Otolaryngologists have argued that the ears do not need to be cleaned and washed for a long time. Twice a week use massage movements to clean the outer ear and ear canal outside while taking a shower. This procedure, quite warm water and soap. No need to rub heavily and use a loofah, because you can damage the delicate skin of the ear. Soft, cautious movements will be enough.

How to clean your ears at home?

How to clean your ears at home

First of all, we shall understand: why are we so eager to clean our ears? Must earwax be carefully removed from the ears?

In fact, earwax is our helper and friend, not an enemy. It protects the ears from inflammatory processes. Thanks to it, we hear well and do not experience problems with our ears. Earwax, as a sponge, soaks up all the ‘bad’ things that fly to our ear: fungi, bacteria, insects, small objects, etc.

They do not let them harm the body and safely outputs them. That is, it cleans the ear of all the negative factors. In addition, it also moisturizes the skin ears, keeping moisture inside. Do I need to get rid of such a helper? Naturally, the excess must be removed. To do this, there is another natural process - chewing. It comes out during jaws or conversation. Then it will be enough only to wash it in the shower and feel like a healthy person with the right ear hygiene.

How to clean the ears earwax home?

How to clean your ears

If despite all the warnings of doctors, we wish to take advantage of hygienic cotton sticks, one must be prepared for some unpleasant consequences.

Excessive desire for cleanliness may lead to the following results:

  • Active work with cotton sticks contributes to an increased release of earwax. And we are cleaning even more diligently, do not remove, but merely drive it inside, forming earwax. It is very unpleasant disease that requires urgent medical assistance.
  • And in some cases, on the contrary, the earwax ceases production. It is fraught with inflammation of the ear, and drying of hearing impairment.
  • In addition, it is possible to damage the eardrum or scratch the skin as a result of careless cleaning.

How to unclog ear wax fast?

How to unclog ear wax fast

The only correct way is acting as much careful as possible, and then you may not worry about your health. But in rare cases, the use of cotton swabs to clean ears is justified:

Features of the structure of the ear. The ear canal is so narrow that earwax is not able to come to the surface. In this case, you need to help it. But using cotton buds should be very careful not causing injury.

The earwax production is too intense. In this case you also need to remove the excess ‘by hand’ carefully.

You can clean the ears with a cotton swab only 3 times a month. Especially after taking a shower, when the earwax can be removed from the visible surface of the ear easily.

How to clean the ears of a person properly?

clean the ears of a person properly

As it has been mentioned a lot of times, the most correct cleaning for human ears is ears washing in the shower. For a lot of people, this process is as natural as washing your hair or brushing your teeth. The main thing is consistency.

How to clean the ears with hydrogen peroxide?

clean the ears

Cleaning ears with hydrogen peroxide is enough a moot point. Some doctors do not recommend doing this procedure at home. But others argue that this is an excellent first aid when there is an earwax plug or excessive production of earwax. In any case, before you start the procedure, you should consult an otolaryngologist.

If normal ears cleaning do not bring relief, 3% hydrogen peroxide can become a good solution. 3 drops of peroxide are put in the ear canal, and shuts up with cotton for 15-20 minutes. Then the cotton is removed and the ear is cleaned carefully.

Mineral oil can be used instead of hydrogen peroxide. Only pre-heat it slightly. The procedure is the same.

Olive oil is safe for ear health too. Three drops dripped into the ear canal, quickly withdraw excess of earwax, which will need to be removed with a soft cloth.

How to get rid of cerumen in the home?

get rid of cerumen

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The need to wash the ears occurs most often in the case of formation of cerumen. Unfortunately, no one is safe from this.

A lot of people are addicted to using cotton swabs to clean ears, mistakenly believing that by doing so they contribute to good health hearing. However, the rules of care for the ears are not so difficult.

Methods for washing ears at home

Methods for washing ears at home

Average water washing at home should be carried out very carefully, because your every false move can lead to injury of the eardrum. Before starting the procedure put swab of cotton wool into the ear canal for 10-15 minutes.

This will contribute to a softening cerumen. After that, fill the syringe with warm water or a small blower to enemas and wash your ear using not very strong pressure. This should be done over the sink, which will drain all the water. Then you need to dry the ear. To do this, use a hairdryer.

The air must be warm and directed not in the ear canal itself, and next to it, so as not to get burned. If you cannot get rid of cerumen after such a procedure, or earwax still remained in the ear - repeat the procedure a lot of times as necessary.

Other ways of getting rid of cerumen

getting rid of cerumen

To protect yourself from the risk of improper conduct flushing the ear, you can use alternative methods to get rid of cerumen. Here you will come to the aid of traditional medicine.

Children’s ears are cleaned with the special cotton sticks wetted with sterile oil. This cotton stick is put into the auditory canal of kid using rotating, screw-motion of no more than 0.5 cm. Use different sticks for each ear.

If you need to clean the ear and connecting the doctor is impossible, then use a cotton stick moistened with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Enter it in the ear canal and hold it until the reaction of peroxide and earwax appear (hiss). This procedure can be done occasionally, not to overdry the eardrum.

The softening of cerumen

The softening of cerumen

If you manage to soften earwax plug well – it will immediately go out of the ear. To achieve this result you need to use any vegetable oil, petrolatum, or hydrogen peroxide, diluted with any oil. Before the procedure, heat the selected ingredient to a temperature of 37 degrees. The right temperature is very important, because you do not want to burn the ear canal.

During five days, twice a day 4-5 drops of the chosen mix is put into the affected ear. Often after such procedures people notice the hearing loss, but this is a temporary phenomenon, a cerumen impaction in the ear swells under the influence of drugs.

It is important that the earwax go out itself. Do not help it, using all the same ear sticks, matches or any other similar device. After the earwax goes out, wash the ear with warm water.

The garlic compresses against earwax in the ear:

compresses against earwax

  • one clove of garlic, clean, clean it and rub on a small grater
  • then the resulting slurry is necessary to add into three drops of camphor oil
  • then warm up the mixture for the compress
  • the temperature of the preheated material should be about 37 degrees
  • then impregnate obtained flagellum the mean made of gauze or bandage

ear cleaning

  • gauze or bandage must be sterile
  • flagellum must be placed in the ear canal
  • be careful, the procedure should not cause you discomfort
  • leave therapeutic compress in the ear for 20 minutes
  • most likely you will feel a slight burning sensation of the garlic
  • upon expiry of this period, remove the wrap and rinse the ear with warm water
  • washing must be performed in the position with the sick ear down, earwax must emerge with the water
  • if you lean to the other side - there is a risk that the earwax plug will move to the inner ear

Getting rid of cerumen using onion juice

Getting rid of cerumen

This method of treatment is right for you only if your ear has no wounds. Otherwise, onion juice will burn badly and may even cause a burn. Juice of onions is necessary to drop into the ear twice a day. A single dose of juice is 3-4 drops for adults and 1-2 drops for children. The juice has an effect, which is similar to the action of hydrogen peroxide.

Special products for the home environment

To remove earwax plug

To remove earwax plug from the ears at home, you need to buy solution for dissolving the earwax at the pharmacy. Drip the emulsion according to the instructions and the usual earwax plug will be dissolved and removed in five days. The ear canal is required to be cleaned twice a day. Similar drugs are used to prevent the formation of cerumen.

 If you could not remove the earwax

remove the earwax

For removal of cerumen it is necessary to address to the otolaryngologist. The earwax must be removed as it may be the cause of diseases such as otitis externa, deafness and so on. The doctor will wash ear using a medical syringe under the pressure of a small amount of water. It is a painless and quick procedure. After washing, the relief will come, hearing will restore, the pain will go away.

Otolaryngologists advise not to wipe ears after shower, and dry them in the dryer or drip a little of alcohol into ear for the prevention of cerumen. In conclusion, we recommend you before cleaning ears, it is better to consult a doctor, rather than do it yourself, so as not to traumatize the ear. The doctor can clean the earwax painlessly and quickly.


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