How to use coconut oil for skin treatment?

Now your love to coconuts will be useful, because we found some interesting ways of using coconut oil for skin treatment. Read this article and be charming!

coconut oil

Hydration and nutrition are one of the most important qualities of coconut oil. It perfectly nourishes the skin, leaving no uncomfortable feelings of stickiness or oiliness, eliminates flaking on the face, which is especially important in the winter.

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Rejuvenation of skin

Thanks to vitamin B3, which is part of coconut oil, it smoothes small wrinkles, giving the skin a fresher and younger-looking complexion, deeper wrinkles are less apparent.In general, it increases the tone and elasticity of the skin.

Skin protection from negative environmental influences

The urban environment is a huge harm for the skin, especially the face as it is more delicate and susceptible to irritation. Coconut oil creates a protective layer on the face that serves as a barrier that prevents dryness, dullness of skin, clogging of pores and therefore the formation of unpleasant pimples.

coconut oil

Elimination of acne

Coconut oil cleanses the skin, eliminating toxins, which is one of the leading causes of acne, opening the pores, which facilitates the process of skin regeneration.

Calming and cooling skin after sunbathing

Often, the consequences of an extended stay in the sun leave painful redness of the skin, the skin on the nose is particularly susceptible to such effects. The oil will help to eliminate redness and burning sensation, fueling a "charred" skin.

Wound healing

Niacin, part of the coconut oil is a great healing component, necessary for cuts, abrasions, allows you to bring skin the fresh condition, in a shorter period. The restoration of the damaged portion of the skin is without consequences, affecting the appearance of the skin.

coconut oil

Which face skin type can be treated woth coconut oil?

Coconut oil because of its properties will be particularly useful in the treatment of dry, dull, prone to skin laxity skin types. Also, mature skin with its attendant disadvantages will be well receptive to the use of coconut oil. For oily skin owners, who are prone to acne and irritation, application of coconut oil can have various consequences. As a rule, antibacterial effect and elimination of toxins, help to distress skin recover, but you should pay attention to its moisturizing properties, it is not always appropriate in application to this type of skin. Individual intolerance substances of coconut oil are the most important symptom of the rejection of the use of coconut oil.

What kind of coconut oil is suitable for skin care face?

The effect that will have oil on your skin depends on the quality of the oil, and its right selection guarantees a positive result from its use. You can see two types of oil: refined and unrefined. Unrefined coconut oil is more appropriate for external use on the skin, as it retains more of all useful components and substances, the effect of using unrefined coconut oil will be faster and larger.

External signs of quality coconut oil: real organic coconut oil smells like natural coconut, the smell is unobtrusive but noticeable. Color — pale yellow is a sign of properly purged oil. As a rule, the consistency is hard, but in contact with the skin, the "right" coconut oil begins to melt. Thanks to these characteristics, you can choose a quality coconut oil, ideal for skin care of the face.


Make-up remove

Oils are great for removing makeup. Coconut oil gently removes all makeup from the face; you need to remove it with soft circular motions, apply oil on the face then remove with a cotton pad. The advantage of this make-up remover is quick and the extra care. Add it in masks and creams for the face. Coconut oil can complement your daily skin care products for the face. Adding a small amount of coconut oil in the mask or face cream, you will improve their cosmetic properties.

coconut oil

Mask with honey

Mix honey and coconut oil in equal proportions, leave for a few minutes on the face and remove it in a convenient way for you. This mask nourishes revitalizes and refreshes the skin, giving it a refreshed look.

Mask with egg yolk

Mix gently one tablespoon of pre-heated coconut oil with one egg yolk, apply for 10-15 minutes. This mask gives the skin a more healthy tone and also nourishes dry skin.

Mask for the skin around the eyes

As this part of the skin on the face is very thin and often dry, mask with vitamin E is perfect for nutrition, and it eliminates facial wrinkles. Coconut oil mixed with liquid vitamin E  in a ratio of 5:1. Apply the resulting mixture on the skin around the eyes for a couple of hours before bedtime. Then gently remove with a cotton pad.

coconut oil


Add a teaspoon of melted coconut oil in a few coffee grounds, apply by massaging movements on the face, removing dead skin particles of skin, leave on for 3-5 minutes to absorb the beneficial components of the ingredients of the scrub.

Coconut oil is ideal as an additional and independent care product skin. Its caring properties can solve basic skin problems. As with any cosmetic product, it is necessary to consider your skin type and compatibility with this product. It is also important to understand that only a quality coconut oil will highly influence on the condition of your skin. Regular and systematic use of oil in various types will provide a complete and proper care of the skin.


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