How to use coconut water?

What are the alternative uses of coconut water you did not know about? Learn more about them here and start using them right away.

coconut water uses

Coconut water is packed with useful nutrients, so having some of it every now and then will result in numerous health benefits for you and your family. So learn more about the real use of coconut water for you that will make you want to get one right now.

Let us start with coconut water benefits for your skin. As people that specialize in this area state, coconut water can really do magic. This water can help you get rid of acne and any other visible deformities on the skin, take some coconut water to get rid of them once and for always. The magic properties of coconut water okay, they are not magic, but it feels like that, though) can help you get your beautiful pure skin back. Just apply some coconut water on those areas on your face that need your special attention.

The ingredients that are in coconut water can heal the skin and return the shiny effect to it. Moreover, ladies that applied it usually mention that it also gives back the natural tone of one’s skin. That is why next time you are in a supermarket consider buying creams or other cosmetics for your skin that contains coconut water to get a better result.

coconut water for skin

Let us move on to the benefits of coconut water for weight loss. People that are trying to lose weight should be recommended having coconut water ever day. This water is rich in nutrients that will ensure you do not feel thirsty for a long time as well as will hold one’s appetite down. Moreover, this water is low in calories, so you should not worry about having too much of it. It will not be stored up and will only be used to improve your general health condition.

The next coconut water use will be of great interest to party animals. In case you had too much of alcohol at a party, did not feel afterward and need to look as good as new in the morning, no artificial remedies are even close to being as effective as the water of a coconut. All you need to do is have some of it to stabilize the work of your body after essential electrolytes that left your body when you started vomiting. This drink is crucial to make you feel energized again after the party.

The health benefit of coconut water is that it can be helpful to people who face frequent issues with their digestive system. To make a long story short, coconut water contains high levels of fiber that helps you digest food and prevents acid reflux (when the acid from your stomach gets up to your throat and causes burns there). So if after having lunch you don’t feel good, and you get this feeling you food being stuck in your stomach and not being digested properly, then you definitely need to have some coconut water with your meals.

coconut water benefit

Athletes of all kinds should be happy to learn that coconut water is a better alternative to their regular energy or sports drinks. Moreover, it is not merely an alternative, but rather a better replacement that will help improve health and keep them sufficiently hydrated. As the studies have shown human body needs much water after intensive exercises. That is when athletes use the drinks we mentioned above trying to restore the essential fluids rich in minerals.

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However, as the scientists claim one glass of the coconut liquid is healthier than a glass of an energy drink and even more healthier than a sports drink. For instance, one glass of coconut water has as much as almost 300 mg of potassium and 5 mg of sugar of natural origin. Meanwhile, the same numbers for energy or sports beverages will be at least two times as lower. So next time you feel thirsty after an intensive training get a coconut instead of an artificial drink like the sports drinks.

These are not all of the benefits of coconut water for your health. Electrolytes we already mentioned in our article above, can be a problem to you when their amount in your blood is not proportioned correctly. That is why having a glass of coconut water every day, especially in the morning, can help you stabilize their amount in your blood, and consequently, prevent high blood pressure during the day. However, even if you do not want to have in the morning, get some of it every now and then during your day when you are at risk of having high blood pressure to prevent it or stop it right away.

coconut water in pregnancy

Not to go into very specific details about other health conditions coconut can be helpful at, just keep in mind that coconut water is rich in useful nutrients, including different vitamins and minerals. To name a few of them: sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc. People that suffer from the deficiency of any of these elements can have some liquid taken from a coconut to make up for the missing amount of vitamins in their bodies. So instead of taking supplements, you can drink coconut water to improve general health conditions.

You might not believe it, but scientific studies have shown that the coconut water is very close to the human blood. It cannot absolutely substitute it, but in cases of emergencies, even medical workers sometimes use it to save people’s lives. There are cases known when coconut water was used to hydrate human bodies, in case no medical aid was available right away. So while waiting medical staff used coconut water inside the veins to save people’s lives.

coconut water for hair

There are no specific restrictions on using the coconut water on daily basis, as there is evidence to prove that there is such a thing as coconut water overdose. It does not contain too many calories and so can be used on every morning to as any regular drink. The only thing you should keep in mind is that a serving of a coconut water is as much as approximately fifty calories.

And our last tip on the coconut water for you is that you should get young green coconuts to get all the benefits of the coconuts possible. At least so claim the prominent nutritionists. It can be explained by the fact that green coconuts have more liquid inside the shell and contain more vital minerals and vitamins we mentioned above. To find out how old the coconut is you can check the shell and see if it still has the green area on it, as you don’t want your coconut to be all brown. And pay attention to the sound it makes when you shake: you can hear how much water it contains when you shake it. So make sure to pick the green ones only to get the most out of your fresh coconut water for your skin, general health condition, and other benefits even in pregnancy.

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