How to use rice water for hair?

Nowadays rice takes place in the menu of all countries and continents. Originally this culture was grown in Asia. Also, in China, Japan and other parts of South-East Asia. The rice for many centuries is the basis of the diet. But how use rise more?

rice water
For example, the rice water for women from the Chinese village Hang Lu is the elixir and the beauty of the hair. The effectiveness of this product can confirm the representatives of the international book of Guinness. Women from the Chinese village Hang Lu have shiny, without single gray hairs curls reach an average of 180–cm length. And it is a world record and worthy of admiration.
What kind of miracle substances is contained in rice water for hair? And how to make a Chinese elixir?

women who use rice water

The composition of rice water

A rice grain hides under the shell a lot of useful substances, vitamins and mineral components. There are vitamins E and H, PP and B1, B2, B3, B6, and B9.
Ingredients on rice base can improve the condition of skin and hair.


The rice water includes macro and micro elements as iodine and potassium, iron, calcium, cobalt, silicon, magnesium, and copper. Also, the rise consists of valuable for the body's enzymes and amino acids, prevents aging, protects cells from damage and external threats, starch, natural sugar and other components. Getting in the water, these nutrients and bioactive substances turn into a liquid and can benefit the skin and hair.
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How you can use rice water for hair

Rise water gives hair strength and healthy shine.

shine hair after rice water

  • Rinse the rice water after washing the hair, massage the head skin for 5 minutes, then washed with pure water.
  • The component in moisturizing hair masks.
  • Rise water influence on nourishes hair follicles and activate the growth. 

In this case, it's recommended to rinse hair with fermented rice water.

  • The tool for installation. 

After rinsing hair with rice, water is better to style them, acquire softness and elasticity, without electrified.

using of rice hair

How useful the rice water for hair 

  • to accelerate the growth of tresses;
  • for the revitalization of the hair follicles;
  • for a natural and harmless styling hair.

As a result, the curls become healthier, grow better, look shiny, light and clean for a long time.

Pieces of advice of using rice water

It's remarkable easy to make the rice water at home. Rice water is the water in which you boiled the rice, for example, for your dinner. For making it, you have to pour more water into the pan used to cook the rice. You need to keep the strained rice water no longer than four days in the fridge.

avdices of using rice water


Take a handful of rice and two cups of water. Fill the washed grain with water, boil and leave for 10-15 minutes on low heat. During this time the rice softens and the water enrich with the minerals.
Cool the water and strain. The ready product use as a basis for medicinal shampoo, rinse and a variety of masks that help solve the problems of weak, thin and damaged hair. Rice water for hair can be useful for irritated head skin, dandruff, and slow growing of hair. 
You should use rice water no more than 4-5 days. Before using, you have to heat this liquid slightly to a comfortable skin temperature.

Moreover, many beauties use fermented rice water. 

fermented rice water

What is fermented rice water and how to prepare it?

It is rice water, where the fermentation process started. This water is useful than usual because it contains valuable substance Pietra in addition to a greater concentration of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes.  To get the water to ferment, leave the rice water for a day in a warm place. And then use it as a remedy for hair, face, and body.

Recipe fermented rice water without boiling

Prepare rice with water according to the recipe described above. Leave this liquid in a warm place. If the water has a sour taste the next day, so the rice ferment and it can be put in a warmer place for more day or two. Then strain, refrigerate and use the infusion for 4-5 days.
Moreover, you can prepare different masks and shampoo on a base of rice water. 

rice water

Nourishing shampoo on a base of rice water

Add egg yolk and half a teaspoon of olive oil in a cup of rice water. Mix all components thoroughly. The mixture is used as a mask and shampoo for weak and dry hair.
For oily hair add protein and a little lemon juice in rice water.

Mask for thin hair with rice water

Add two egg yolks, a couple of tablespoons of thick cream in rice water. Then mix all components. The mask is applied to the curls after mixing the components. Leave on for 30 minutes and wash off.

Mask with rice water and rye bread

Add 100 – 150 grams of a pulp of rye bread. After mixing, the liquid is left for an hour to swell, and then the mask whipped for grinding grain pulp and 20 minutes is applied to the hair. It is better to rinse the mask with warm water without shampoo, and then rinse the curls with herbal liquid.

masks on base of rice water

Mask with rice water and cucumber

You can use this mask in the summer when the hair quickly loses their shine and splendor. It is recommended to use the mask, mixing the rice water with equal parts of grated cucumber.
The mask helps you to refresh hair and skin and stimulates the growth of the strands.
For oily hair, you should use the juice of fresh apples or lemon with the rice water.

Take care or your shoulders and be always healthy!

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