How to wake up early with little sleep?

Is it possible to wake up early and feel well even if you have a little sleep? What is the sense of technique of polyphase dream? Read the information below to learn more facts about this useful method.

Effects of little sleep

How to wake up early with little sleep?

There are people who even without special efforts get enough sleep for a short time absolutely naturally. Their percent is very small. A feature of these people is that they sleep 4-5 hours and get enough sleep. Most of us need 7-8 hours to restore forces. Whether it is possible to deceive an organism and to learn to get enough sleep quickly just in 4 hours? The answer is a technique of a polyphase dream. For the person who has a usual need for a dream, but wants to get enough sleep in 4 hours, there is an only way to realize the idea. Of course, it is possible just to limit the night dream with 4 hours, but practice shows that it isn't possible to sleep so much time this way. Everything will end with falling asleep at the most unexpected moment: for example, at a workplace or behind the wheel. The polyphase dream is not a panacea, but, at least, a hope for the safety of working capacity and intellectual processes. There are no official researchers of a polyphase dream and somnologists don't recommend using it. However, there are people who do such practice. Even several modes of a polyphase dream were offered.

  • Dymaxion mode: the person sleeps each 6 hours for half an hour,
  • Uberman mode: the person sleeps 20 minutes each 4 hours. Approximately such method was used by Leonardo da Vinci in due time,
  • Everyman mode: sleeping for 1.5-3 hours at night, and regular intervals of 20 minutes in the afternoon, three times,
  • Tesla mode: 2 hours at night, and 20 minutes in the afternoon,
  • Siesta mode: 5 hours at night and 1.5 hours in the afternoon.

Many people wishing to learn how to get enough sleep quickly, choose and realize the schemes which they like most of all. The Internet is full of the communities, groups, the websites, discussions devoted to a polyphase sleeping.

Whether they manage to sleep for 4 hours and to get enough sleep? They often answer ‘yes.’ People achieve the greatest success in the scheme ‘sleeping at night and in afternoon.’ Besides, they not necessarily follow the constant schedule of the above-stated modes. Sometimes fans of a polyphase dream just sleep for 1.5-2 hours at night and in the afternoon. It is quite logical. 1.5-2 hours are the duration of one cycle of a dream. After this time, the person is in a phase of a superficial dream. This is the moment when it is easy for him or her to wake up. This condition will last several hours. If to sleep some time after this, it helps to receive the next charge of cheerfulness.

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little sleep effects

Effects of little sleep

People often experiment with the decrease in duration of rest, but they pass to a constant polyphase dream seldom. The first little sleep effects impress. Practicing people say that they have a lot of time, that they are efficient and that they are shocked how little sleep is it necessary to feel good. Unfortunately, in several days or weeks, the majority come back to the former mode. The scenario is usually identical. The slightest failure of the schedule, and here the person falls into a deep hours-long dream and having woken up in not the best state, understands that he can't do it again. Why does it turn out so?

It is difficult to resist to nature. The human body is genetically programmed so that we all slept such time, which is necessary for us. For the majority people, it is 7-8 hours. With such duration of sleeping, people receive the new forces, physical, and mental health. And to try to get enough sleep in 4 hours means to lose the necessary, restoring, and revitalizing dream. The technique of a polyphase dream is a severe diet, at which food caloric content is cut down twice. On such diet, people periodically receive the small portions of fuel to the organism sufficient for the minimum restoration of forces. In the first days and weeks, a person can feel even better and easier than before it. But all the same, he or she is disturbed by hunger. The organism begins to spend internal resources at the expense decrease of weight. If to keep to such diet too long, it is possible even to get anorexia or die.

The situation with sleeping is similar. We refuse the major physiological requirement. At the beginning, it cannot cause discomfort. But the fatigue is collected and the organism is exhausted. Schemes of a polyphase dream, at which the person is offered to sleep 20-30 minutes, are especially harmful. It is only a restoration substitute, and the flash of energy, which is spent very quickly. At short, little sleepy people have no deep and fast phases, which are responsible for the release of important hormones, for the state of health, ensuring storing and other brain processes.

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