How to wash hair without shampoo?

Why is it better to wash your hair without shampoo? How to do that? What is the most effective method to make your hair healthy? Find out in this article!

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There are many reasons to try the no-shampoo method. First of all, if you clean your hair without shampoo, you will get back your naturally curly or wavy hair if it is straight now. Also, this method will give your hair natural fullness and body, and maybe even a wavy texture that was destroyed. Finally, most shampoos contain harsh, drying sulfates that damage your hair.

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So we have created the plan of how to use the no-shampoo method. Many people say that it is very efficient and much better than washing with shampoo.

Before we start, remember that hair is a long-term project. It might take from two to four weeks to adjust to the no shampoo. It may even look worse at first, so don't be afraid and move on.

1.    Prepare

trim split ends

Before you begin, you need to prepare carefully. First, you need to clarify which hair products you use, that cannot be removed without shampoo. It is better to use a sulfate shampoo to remove any silicones or waxes in the hair. You need to do this only once before beginning the method.

Also, get your hair trimmed if you have any split ends.

2.    Begin your routine

wet the hair

You should start by wetting your hair in the shower.

3.    Wash your hair

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Next, you need to wash your hair with a shampoo replacement.

For curly or wavy hair that isn't oily, you should distribute conditioner on your entire scalp. Then massage your scalp. This procedure will cleanse the scalp of any dirt and get rid of dandruff. Then rinse thoroughly.

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If you have straight or oily hair,  you should use remedies of shampoos, which are described below.  Remember to condition your hair after washing.

Baking Soda Mix.  Baking soda is sold in most supermarkets. Before going to shower, you need to combine one tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of warm or hot water in a bottle and shake it thoroughly. Work into the hair and comb through. Rinse with water then continue with a vinegar rinse to condition your hair.

baking soda

Apple Cider Vinegar. Even though it smells like vinegar, the smell will go away when you rinse your hair.  If it doesn't, use less vinegar. Combine one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with one cup water in the bottle. Work into the hair, comb through and rinse.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Lemon Juice.  Mix the juice of one lemon with the same amount of your normal conditioner. Work into the hair,  comb through and rinse thoroughly.

lemon juice

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4.    Distribute a conditioner

Distribute a moisturizing conditioner throughout all of your hair. Skip this step if you are using baking soda or vinegar to wash your hair.

5.    Untangle your hair

untangle hair

Do it by using your fingers. Take a small section of hair on one side of your head and untangle from the bottom up.

6.    Wait for five minutes

Let the conditioner be in your hair for five minutes. Skip this step if you are using the baking soda or vinegar rinse approach.

7.    Do the final rinse

rinse your hair

Use cool or cold water to decrease frizz and add shine.

8.    Leave some conditioner in your hair

Pay special attention to dry sections like the ends.

9.    Avoid waxes and silicones

We are talking about ingredients that end in -cone, -control or -xane, in hair products. Interesting to know that most of the highly advertised shampoo lines contain silicones. The only way to remove silicones and waxes is to use a harsh, drying sulfate shampoo. However if a silicone has "PEG" in front of it, it is water-soluble and will not build up.

10.    Use a gel or mousse

use gel

Skip this step if you naturally have straight hair. For wavy or curly hair apply a gel or mousse and leave-in to wet hair after showering.

11.    Wait for result

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It was said at the beginning, that some time is required for the adjustment period. Usually, it takes from two to four weeks. Note that your hair may become frizzy or oily, but everything will level out, and you will reap the benefits of going shampoo free! For the period in which your hair is adjusting try wearing your hair in braids, a healthy, protective style for hair.

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