How to whiten your teeth at home – 10 super remedies for Nigeria

You can keep your teeth white as snow with the collection of our best DIY remedies. Affordable and effective!

White teeth look healthy and great and this has become one of the key attributes of American Hollywood culture, as well as Nollywood one. All celebrities try to fix and whiten their teeth to present people their awesome smiles. Such services can be quite costly and the teeth whitening products may have certain side effects. However, there is the solution for this situation. You may find out how to white your teeth at home and gain a shiny and wonderful smile.

No need to overspend. Just use the things you have right in your kitchen or some inexpensive solutions to attain the desired result. Here are the 10 super remedies for you to benefit from. However, first let’s figure out why our teeth get yellowish and deem.

Why do teeth change their color?

There are many causes that may lead to teeth discoloration in adults and kids. Food stain is one of the most common reasons for it. However, there are other causes, such as diseases, use of antibiotics and other medications, bad habits, etc.

Doing DIY teeth whitening you can reduce the negative effects of food, drinks, tobacco and other outward causes of teeth discoloration. Although, such methods could hardly remove the effects of drugs caused from inside out.

When teeth change their color being affected by food, they get stained by small partials of it stuck on the enamel or between the teeth. They do not only cause the unbecoming color, but also produce foul smell from the mouth. Thus, removing such stains is essential for your personal hygiene. Plus, they cause faster growth of germs in the mouth and can contribute to teeth decay. 

How to whiten your teeth at home - 10 DIY methods

  1. Banana peel
    Banana peel

    This is a more than affordable remedy for Nigeria. Most people consume bananas daily and throw away tons of peels. Instead you can use it to whiten your teeth.
    Here is what you do: just take a piece of it (you may use scissors or a knife to cut out a small parcel) and rub onto your teeth. Use the inner side of the peel (the one that touches the banana).

    It effectively removes the stains and whitens them. Of course, tine bits of the peel can get stuck to enamel, but they can get easily removed with the brush later on. Use the peel several times a day.

  2. Baking soda

    Baking soda
    The easiest way to use it is just to apply to your finger and rub on the teeth. You may also make a baking soda paste (by adding a bit of water) and use that to clean the stains off. Another method is dipping a brush into the water and then into the baking soda.

    Then you brush your teeth with it just like you do with the paste. It may taste unpleasant, but if you do that once a week, you can lighten up your teeth by few shades.

  3. Hydrogen peroxide
    Hydrogen peroxide
    How to make your teeth white with peroxide? You may mix it up with baking soda and apply to your teeth. Or you may just rinse the mouth with it for few seconds or up to a minute.

    Spit it out and proceed to brush as usual with the toothpaste. You may do it once or twice per week to keep your smile shiny and white.

  4. Strawberry and salt

    Strawberry and salt
    The best way is to use sea salt for this purpose. You can also substitute it with aforementioned baking soda.

    Mesh the strawberries and mix them up with the other ingredient. Apply this paste to your tooth brush and use it instead of the regular paste, then rinse well.

    These berries are rich in malic acid. It can dissolve and help to remove the stains on the enamel.

  5. Orange peel

    Orange peelThis is another thing we throw away and find no use for it. The elements of the peel are actually used by some manufacturers in their teeth whitening products. So, why not use it at home?

    Some expert advice to use the orange juice instead, but this way you run the risk of ruining the enamel. The juice is too concentrated and can crack it up, while the peel provides gentle cleansing effect.

    Use it the same way you do with the banana peel. Now you know better than to throw it into your garbage can.

  6. Lemon
    LemonThis remedy is controversial, as the juice contains strong acid, which can ruin the enamel. This method is not a good one for those with sensitive teeth.

    You can mix up the juice with baking soda. Of course, it would bubble in your mouth, but the reaction can help to clear the teeth.

    Or you can rub it in with your brush or just rinse the mouth for few seconds and spit it out. You can also rub some lemon peel or slices onto your teeth to attain the desired whitening effect.

  7. Olive (coconut, palm) oil
    Olive (coconut, palm) oil
    This method was first used by people in ancient India. It is still efficient in our days. You can rinse your mouth with liquid vegetable oil or rub it into your gums and teeth. It kills bacteria and improves the oral health, plus it helps to remove the stains.

    This method has no side effects and is good for people with any kind of teeth (sensitive or not). The trick is to hold the oil in your mouth for up to 20 minutes. Only then the effect is attained. Then you rinse the mouth with water and brush your teeth.

  8. Holy Basil

    Holy Basil
    For one, this remedy can easily rid you off foul smell in your mouth. The plant is rich in bleaching agent and helps to keep your teeth white.

    You may crush the fresh leaves of the plant and rub it into the teeth or use decoctions as a mouth rinse. It kills bacteria and keeps the stains off.

    Plus, this plan has no side effects for your health. Only make sure you are not allergic to it.

  9. Mechanical teeth brushes
     Mechanical teeth brushe

    Scientists have long discovered that powered teeth brushes do a much better job at cleaning than the regular ones. If you brush teeth thrice a day, you can improve their color by few shades. Do that daily on regular basis and no other remedy would be needed. The proper way to brush is by using up and down motions. You should spend at least 3 minutes each time you brush on it, but the best solution is to brush at least for 10 minutes each time.

    This way you can keep your teeth healthy and white and preserve the beauty of your smile. Of course, such brushes are much more expensive than the regular ones, but they can cut your dentists bills down significantly.

  10. Apples

    ApplesThe last but not the least remedy on our list is an apple. For one, you can just eat them to clean your teeth. When you bite and chew on them, they already do the job. Plus you get the health benefit of eating an apple. They contain acid able to clear off the stains. You may grind an apple and apply this mesh to your teeth with a brush to get a better whitening effect.  The acid in apples is gentler than that in oranges or lemons, so it is safer for the enamel.


Now you know some awesome and affordable teeth whitening at home remedies. You might even have some of them right in your kitchen. Just take your time to care for the teeth and keep them white and healthy. It might be a bit time consuming, but using DIY methods can save you money. This is a great way to get a celeb like smile. You may combine several methods or use them in tern during one month. See, which ones work the best for you and the type of teeth you have.

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Moreover, preventing teeth decay is important, as it is not only the beauty issue. Their health may greatly affect the health of your digestive system and other organs. If you take good care of them you could enjoy a white and healthy smile for long years of life. Nature has generously provided us with many affordable ways to stay healthy and good looking. Now that you know some of them, make an effort to use them and enjoy health.


Having the white and shiny teeth very important for any person. You feel more confident and and more attractive when you have a nice smile with healthy and bright teeth. And people prefer more to communicate with and to listen to those, who looks nice and who has a self-confidence. You can't obtain such confidence when you realize that you worse than others. I tried some of these methods myself and gained some good results. I will surely try the rest of this methods, buy we should not forget that there should be some moderation in such procedures to avoid the damage of the surface of your teeth.

Answered 2 years ago.

For most people relevant to this. We all go to have healthy strong teeth, and of course radiant whiteness. But the cigarettes, juices, coffee and other staining enamel drinks and substances, the teeth sometimes become yellow tinge. I tried baking soda, but she needs to use very carefully so as not to scratch the protective layer of enamel, because thus teeth can become very sensitive. Very helpful to rinse the mouth with hydrogen peroxide, teeth are whitened significantly. plus hydrogen peroxide eliminates germs in your mouth.

Answered 2 years ago.

Another one folk remedy for teeth whitening, this is wood ash. It contains compound which is excellent absorbent and bleaching agent. Toothbrush should be dipped wood ash and brush teeth. This tool can be mixed with toothpaste, or powder. Microscopic crystals purified plaque on teeth surfaces and in hard reach places. But frequent use or careful friction, damage tooth enamel and gums. As substitute for charcoal activated carbon can be used in tablets: tablets crush and clean teeth like ordinary tooth powder.

Answered 2 years ago.
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