How using cannabis affects your brain?

Is cannabis good or bad for your brain? Find out what the science has to say about it.

cannabis affects your brain?

Of old people used cannabis to treat diseases or just to get high. Scientists till this day discover some very contradictive cannabis effects on our bodies. Let’s find out the good, the bad and the ugly of the weed impacting the brain.

Our brain is wired for cannabis!

Such an amazing discovery was made by the scientists. They found what they call ECS. It stands for “the body’s own cannabinoid system”. It means our brain has special receptors for the cannabinoids. That’s why we feel high consuming it. And that is why this plant can be used for medical purposes to get rid of inflammation.

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cannabis affects

Good and bad impacts of cannabis on brain:


-    It boosts creativity

-    It cures inflammation

-    It prevents Alzheimer’s disease

-    Helps to stay focused


-    Impairs short-termed memory

-    When overdosed can evoke nausea, boost appetite, sleepiness, mood changes

-    Massive doses of cannabis can lead to anxiety, paranoia, disorientation, memory loss

As you may see, cannabis is a controversial plant. Presently there are not enough of human tested research results on its effects on the body and brain. 

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