I want to lose 50 pounds

WIsh to shed some pounds? Learn the healthiest and the only stable way to do it, even if you say: I want to lose 50 pounds.

Modern culture and Western society promote fitness and leanness of stature both in men and women. Moreover, we can say they cultivate the culture of hatred that surrounds fat people that is why so many of them say: I want to lose 50 pounds. Thus weight loss becomes a necessity for many people around the world and even in Nigeria. Fatness or even curves start to come out of fashion.

Can you love yourself into weight loss?

The question is how much of losing weight is good for me? And how can it be done in a healthy manner? Is the desire:  I want to lose 20 pounds good for your body? What is the healthiest way to lose weight? Let us get some answers.  

Can you love yourself into weight loss?

It can be hard to shed pounds using all those diet tips, exercises and pills. The truth is they do work, but most of these weight loss tips or weight loss pills produce only temporary results. People say: I want to lose 30 pounds, they do it and later on they gain even more. The struggle goes on year to year and it may last the entire life!

Can you love yourself

What is the true problem of accumulating excessive weight and do you lose weight by not eating? The truth is that most obese people or even those slightly overweight hate themselves. The culture around them creat3es a very negative image of fat people. No one really cares that they can be kind, smart or even good in sex. All they see is that extra weight and they hate them.

Even parents may tease or scold obese children over their weight. It is hard to love yourself, if everyone around you hate you. The truth is that all those weight loss pills no exercise or with workouts do you no good until you learn to accept and love yourself as you are! Love sets free! Love mends and heals. Love eliminates hate and abuse.

 love yourself

On the other hand weight loss industry makes tons of money on overweight people. It lowers their self-esteem to make them buy pills or anything else they can think of. It’s a big business in Nigeria and around the globe. You may wonder: when you lose weight where does it go? Better think where does your self-esteem and happiness go, when you allow other people to bring you down and make you hate you.

How to love yourself into weight loss? - I want to lose 10 pounds

  • Accept yourself and your body as it is
    That is the first and foremost step to take. Stop that buzz inside of your head on what others think of you or how they view you. Unless you learn to love yourself, all your shed pounds would keep coming back again and again.
    Accept yourself and your body as it is
  • Teach people to love you
    Do you know that other treat you the way you treat yourself and teach them to treat you? If you allow them to put you down or joke about your weight, they would do it. Set up the line and boost your dignity. Tell them how much is allowed with you. Set the personality borders and teach people to treat you right, be you thin or fat.
    Teach people to love you
  • Forgive yourself
    You can never forgive others until you learn to forgive yourself. Stop counting those calories or being hard at yourself for eating a piece of cake or a candy! Even if you do break a diet or fail to workout, just forgive yourself. It would do you tons of good in regards to weight loss.
    Forgive yourself
  • Make your love for the self unconditional
    Do not set any conditions to love yourself. Fat or thin, fit or lousy, you are the only person and only body you have. Think about what this body allows you to do. First of all, it is a temple of God. Then if you are a woman, it allowed you to conceive and have your babies. It is amazing and it is attractive to men!  It is smart, it is cozy and just great. Make no conditions to love and accept yourself as you are
    Make your love for the self unconditional.

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How much weight should i lose in a month?

Too much is never too good, because if you lose much weight over a month, your body gets all stressed out. Moreover, if you lose weight fast, you gain weight fast. So, 2-5 kg is about as much as is good for you. Those diets promising you to lose 10+ kg per month surely are unwholesome.

How much weight should i lose in a month?

These weight loss tips would help you to focus on the right thing and start loving your body and your own self. If you can do it, you can have a happy life regardless of how much you weigh. 


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Answered 1 year ago.

This is a fairly common tip, however, I would like to mention it. Instead of refuse, from what most diets require you to give up (soda, coffee, beer, caffeine, etc.), just take a healthy decision. I didn't want anything not to refuse, I decided to make some changes. First was to switch to diet coke. Don't worry, you'll quickly get the hang of. Before I started diet I swore I'll never drink diet coke. Now, thanks to my girlfriend, diet is the only Cola I drink. The second step was the transition to black coffee. Eliminate sugar and cream and you will receive all the benefits of coffee (caffeine) without the calories. The last major step was the "healthy" beer.After you have lost weight, you need to hold it. Here we need a red flag. You need to choose the weight and to give a solemn promise never to type it again. Normal weight to fluctuate five to ten pounds. I recommend to set the weight by ten pounds heavier than you "normally" weigh and never get more. Setting the bar weight allowed me to keep every pound in 1 year

Answered 1 year ago.

Do you ever feel like you do everything "right" but never lose weight?

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Answered 1 year ago.

It is very important to have the desire and go to the goal . To overcome laziness and thirst for hunger, tenacity and willpower - two things that should prevail and stand in the foreground . A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, adequate fluid intake , make quick work of your metabolism. Physical exercise may be different, starting with jogging and jumping rope , finishing fitness, swimming or occupation in the sports club . Remember that 70% of success in weight reduction depends on the food , the remaining 30% - exercise.

Answered 1 year ago.

Decreasing weight on 50 pound it's a hard work and it needs complex solution.

As it was mentioned you have to love yourself as you are, but to love your pretty body is much more desirable than with overweight.

First of all you have to stop eating harmful and junk food or to decrease its quantity to minimum. Than start walking 3-5 km per day, perform some activities at home and spend more time on fresh air.

After few months you'll lose about 10 kilograms and you organism become ready for fitness club.

Answered 1 year ago.
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