Is cancer hereditary?

Are you interested and worried about the chances of having cancer, when you get to know that your grandfather suffered from such horrible disease? Read the article and find out more information about cancer.


The fact that predisposition to cancer is genetically transmitted, researchers found a long time ago. However, until now it was thought that if the cancer is diagnosed in advanced age when children of a sick person have grown up, genetic predisposition to CA cannot be considered transmitted hereditarily

It turns out that if a person develops cancer in the elderly, and even when his illness is caused by lifestyle - his offspring will still have an increased risk that someday they will develop cancer.

Malignancy is two or even three times more likely to catch up with those who belong to the so-called "big C families". The chances to kill a disease, even despite the heredity, are higher if not to forget about the prevention of cancer and seek medical help as soon as possible.

Inherited cancer


- It was found that many kinds of the disorder are inherited. Among them are common, like breast cancer, intestinal polyposis, lung cancer and others. But we should not think that the affection is imminent. Of great importance are ailment prevention and the correct way of life.

Types of family malignancy

If the member of a family was suffering from cancer of the bladder, then for his next of kin, in any case, it is impossible to work in the production of aniline dyes. Breast cancer can be induced by estrogenic stimulation. Some oral contraceptives - are just estrogenic drugs. Taking them a woman predisposed to this health problem falls at greater risk of the ailment. Animals` meat may also be the provocateur because the oestrogen is added to their food so that they will gain weight faster.

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Pancreatic cancer is more common among people, in whose families there were ill relatives. Such patients are advised particularly closely to monitor the health of their pancreas. It is important to treat pancreatitis in time and prevent escalating disease into a chronic form, which is a precarcinoma condition. And be sure to quit smoking –CA strikes smokers more often than non-smokers.

Such a serious condition, as a family polyposis, is passed in almost 100% of cases. Symptoms are mucus, blood in bowel movements, which doctors often mistake for dysentery or colitis until it turns out that the patient's mother was suffering from intestinal polyposis, which, if not treated in time, turns into malignancy.

Pigmental xerodermia is inherited precancerous skin disease, invading children. We must know that you can quietly delete all the spots at boys` up to 12 years and they will never have melanoma. Among girls, it should be done before, in the years of 9-10. And with the onset of puberty, removal of pigmented spots is very dangerous.

Struggle against it

Vessels of a person, sensitive to nicotine, may "disappear" in a year or two after he started smoking. The matter even comes to gangrene of the toes, and eventually starts to hurt the bronchi. Then the lung cancer appears.

Of course, there are people who smoke and do not get sick ...Of course, it can be found, especially in the villages, among old aged people of about 80, who are all home-grown tobacco smokers. Their teeth and fingers are brown, all smoky - and though that. That's what a genetic predisposition is.

Prevention of big C

What are the recommendations for this medical disorder prevention?

First of all, you do not need to be afraid of preventive examinations and do not pass by oncological institutions. However, many patients prefer to be operated for malignancy prefer not in specialised centres. This practice does not bode well. Chances to recover are higher for those who came to special centres on the early stages. It is worth saying, that fluoroscopy, palpation, and other similar methods are of poor results - they account for only 16% identified malignancies. It is preferable to identify risk groups of the certain form of the sick, and within these groups to carry out the survey. Such control gives tangible results. For example, among 50-60-year-old women, for whom breast cancer is most likely, it is necessary to conduct mammography screening. Cervical cancer often affects women 40-60 years old. During this period, the woman should have the regular cytological examination. Hope for the early detection is associated with family medicine. The family doctor will know the history of the family, take care of them and, therefore, he is better to monitor the health of each of its members.

Anticancer Products

Don't get upset

For the prevention of cancer, it is important to eat foods that contain antioxidants, which neutralise chemical carcinogens. There are many of them in cabbage, turnips, lettuce, celery, dill, parsley. Very useful are fruit juices, as well as vegetable and herbal. If you follow all recommendations, the chances of winning negative heredity will increase many times.

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