Is constipation after surgery normal?

What are the most widespread cases of operations, after which it can be constipation? What are the popular methods of treatment? Read the information below to learn more about this problem and be healthy.

Constipation after surgery treatment

Constipation after surgery treatment

The emergence of a postoperative constipation is explained by an operational injury and the oppressing action of an anesthesia. After surgical intervention, all groups of muscles, including intestinal, are weakened. Time has to pass before restoration of a normal tone. Also, there are specific reasons for constipation, depending on the operated bodies. Treatment of constipation after operation begins with the plentiful drink of water and taking of laxative medicines, according to the advice of the doctor. At violation of intestinal micro flora, it is necessary to take bacterial medicines. As soon as there is an ability to move independently, it is necessary to start walking and move as much as possible. If the patient lays all the time, subsequently there can be complications.

It is also necessary to choose the diet. It is recommended to drink cool water in the morning with empty stomach. The breakfast consists of the whole grain porridges cooked on water. During the day it is possible to use dairy products, vegetable soups, and salads, gray bread with bran. Fish, meat, and mushroom broths are forbidden to be added to a diet. But the insignificant quantity of boiled low-fat fish and meat is possible.

After stomach operations, people should exclude all vegetables leading to gas: bean, paprika, radish, white cabbage, eggplants. Any sweets, carbonated drinks, black tea, coffee are also forbidden. Green tea, mineral water, dried fruits are welcomed. During the restoration, a large amount of cellulose has to get to an organism. Wheat bran is an irreplaceable product in a postoperative diet. They are used in the amount of 1 – 2 tablespoons a day. It is possible to use them as the additive to other food. It is useful to do daily gymnastics on strengthening of muscles of press. At right diet and the movement, constipation disappears over time.

Constipation after gallbladder surgery

Constipation after gallbladder surgery – why is it normal?

Quite often doctors in many clinics hear from patients that they have constipation after removal of a gallbladder. But it is not a problem. To help the person suffering from it is not so difficult. In a gastrointestinal tract of the person, there are difficult processes. The gallbladder is directly involved in the digestive process, accumulating the bile producing by the liver, and sending it to intestines. Bile is necessary for digestive processes. It helps an organism to digest food better.

As well as any other body, a gallbladder can be subject to a disease, and cases of operations and constipation are frequent. Bile consists of several components, most part of which is the bilious acids helping digestion. After removal of a gallbladder, people continue to live. But to not to get the additional problems with a gastrointestinal tract, it is necessary to follow some rules and, respectively, a diet. Anyway very often after the operation the patient has problem – constipation. To help the gastrointestinal tract to work without bile, it is necessary to adhere to a certain diet and to eat properly. Due to the lack of the place for accumulation of gall, it is necessary to help an organism. For this purpose, the patient has not to overload a stomach with heavy products and go to a toilet in time. It is better to eat in small portions, but more often, so that bile didn't manage to accumulate.

Constipation after hemorrhoid surgery

Very often patients begin to feel a fear of the fact that there will be a pain during defecation after the undergone operation, therefore there is a stool delay. Treatment is, in that case, is made with depletive, and the special diet for adjustment of a soft stool is appointed. Sometimes doctors prescribe analgesics and nitroglycerin ointment, which is capable of relaxing an anus sphincter that is confirmed by numerous reviews of this remedy.

Constipation after hemorrhoid surgery

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When to worry?

There can sometimes be complications. They appear right after removal of hemorrhoids or several weeks later:

  • Urination delay is the quite frequent postoperative side effect. It often occurs with men within a day after the operation.
  • Pain in a rectum and in an anus is also often. If the patient is very sensitive to pain, which can seem to him/her intolerable, therefore he/she can remove them only by means of strong analgesics.
  • Loss of a rectum is a quite rare complication, which arises at the dysfunction of an anal sphincter. The loss is provoked by damage during operation of neuromuscular fibers of walls of a bowel.
  • Bleedings. Such complication can develop right after removal of hemorrhoids, or several days after it. If there were similar complications, the rectum is surveyed.

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