Is diet important for tuberculosis treatment?

Why fruits and vegetables are important for tuberculosis treatment? How many proteins should be contained in a diet? Read the article to learn.

The principles of tuberculosis treatment and diet

Diet is one of the most important components of treatment of tuberculosis patients. Now taking into account the modern level of knowledge, it is necessary to notice that not quantity of nutrition, but its qualitative structure plays a role of the main medical factor at tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a social infection. Disease outbreaks characterize the periods of wars and other social shocks. The role of proteins in a population delivery, reduction of the quantity of which at once leads to increase in illness, is important. However, the nutrition of animal origin — meat, milk and dairy products, eggs, fish — as a component of good nutrition serves not only a factor of prophylaxis of tuberculosis but also is necessary for its treatment. In the conditions of chronic intoxication, at fever and especially at the disintegration of a pulmonary tissue the need of an organism for proteins increases. Therefore, in the nutrition of patients, digestible animal protein has to make not less than a half of their quantity.

The principles of tuberculosis treatment and diet

The organization of healthy nutrition at the treatment of tuberculosis is the key to successful treatment of illness. The purpose of an anti-tuberculosis diet is to provide an organism with good nutrition, to achieve a normal weight of the patient, to increase infection organism resilience, to lower intoxication accompanying tuberculosis.

The patient's delivery at pulmonary tuberculosis, first of all, has to be high-calorie, but it doesn't mean at all that it is necessary to aspire to the patient's overfeeding. The opinion on the need for increased delivery of food to the tuberculosis patient is a mistake. Only at attrition of the patient, the diet exceeding day norm of calories for 20-25% is prescribed. In other cases, it is enough to give preference to good nutrition, rich with vitamins and mineral substances. The overfeeding leads only to obesity and an overload of digestive organs. Despite a big variety of the factors characterizing the course of tuberculosis in each case (the nature of the illness, a complication, age, and occupation, associated diseases) there are general principles of the organization of a dietary delivery for suffering from lungs tuberculosis.

The role of diet during tuberculosis treatment

The role of diet during tuberculosis treatment

Most of the tuberculosis patients completely have no appetite. The correct diet at tuberculosis demands acceptance of a nutrition not less than 4-5 times a day. The nutrition has to be the tastiest and has an appetizing appearance and smell. Of course, for its cooking, it is recommended to use exclusively fresh products. Care of people, suffering from tuberculosis of lungs assumes also taking the food right after its cooking. Especially if the food is stale and warmed-up, is nonsense for a dietary delivery. The separate secret of a curative delivery at pulmonary tuberculosis can be considered the satisfaction of food tastes.

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Tuberculosis treatment diet – proteins

Because at suffering from tuberculosis, the disintegration of proteins happens quicker, than at the healthy person, and they are digested worse, at tuberculosis, it is necessary to include the increased amount of protein food in the menu. As the proteins received with food have to be digested most easily, the food of the patients is characterized as a diet with the increase in the number of proteins at the expense of the digestible proteins, which are contained in dairy products.

In other words, at the organization of diet of patients  white milk, curdled milk, acidophilic milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, and simple cheese are recommended as optimum sources. Eggs, fish, seafood, poultry, veal, soups on low-fat meat broths aren't less necessary. Also, you should remember that meat, fish, and a bird is desirable to be boiled, baked, stewed, and also in the form of jellied dishes. The source of proteins containing in fat meat and a bird, sausages, ham and some fish products like canned food, are not desirable.

Tuberculosis treatment diet fats

Tuberculosis treatment diet – fats

Fats in a delivery of the patients should be contained a little more than the norm. At the same time, it is necessary to remember that the surplus of fats conducts to digestive disturbance, liver diseases, gives fast saturation, and the patient doesn't want to eat food rich with necessary proteins, vitamins, and minerals anymore. Therefore, more doesn't mean much. Vegetable and olive oil, cod-liver oil, butter is strongly recommended. Pork, mutton, beef fat, and cooking fats aren't recommended.

Tuberculosis treatment diet – carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are given within age norms of the healthy person, and in any kind: porridges (including cooked on milk), flour products, bread, and sugar. Porridge, rice, semolina, pasta, well-boiled bean, white and rye bread, wheat bran is recommended. Honey, jam, cookies, biscuits are also possible. As for contraindications, in fact, they are practically absent. The exception is made only by cakes with a high content of oil or custard.

Tuberculosis treatment diet – fruits and vegetables

Remember: at the correct diet, tuberculosis patient has to receive twice more vitamin C than the healthy person receives. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) contains in lemons, oranges, kiwi, strawberry, gooseberry, and blackcurrant in a large number. Also, it can be found in cabbage, onions, and paprika. In food of suffering from all forms of tuberculosis, including abdominal, it necessary to include fruit drinks, mousses, jelly, juice, etc. Don't forget about the vegetables, fruit and berries of baked pudding, ragout, mashed potatoes, and also vegetable soups with various salads, vinaigrettes and fermented, boiled, stewed and steamed vegetables.

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