Is Gonorrhea curable? – Scientists are in doubt

Can gonorrhea be cured by antibiotics? Scientists make a shocking discovery!

is gonorrhea curable

In the past antibiotics have saved many lives of people, struck by this disease, but know scientists are puzzled. Gonorrhea becomes hardly treatable with any drugs we know.

Can gonorrhea be cured?

Well, formerly doctors used pretty cheap antibiotics to treat this sexually transmitted disease. Such drugs as azithromycin did not cost much and used to provide an excellent solution to the problem.

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However, this love superbug becomes more and more resistant to antibiotics. In the past gonorrhea was not a verdict. One could get treatment for it. However, scientists suspect things may change. The bacteria become resistant, and this process may not be a temporary one.

gonorrhea stats nigeria

Every year it affects millions of lives and which is more the majority of them fall under 15 -24 years of age lines. It impacts young lives and has the potential of killing millions of teens and young adults all over the world.

Gonorrhea stats for Nigeria

In this country, gonorrhea is the widely spread disease and it tops the list of all other STDs. According to the stats, it may impact 28 percent of the population of Nigeria. In some places, such as Ibadan, it’s a real epidemic, affecting 80+ percent of the population.

So, the consequences of the bacteria becoming resistant to drugs are horrific. In Nigeria alone, it could kill millions of people. So, make sure you have a safe sex life and do everything you can to prevent getting an STD.

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