Is homeopathy medicine effective for cough treatment?

The cough brings not only inconvenience to the person, but it is the main symptom of the respiratory diseases. Today, there are a huge number of drugs that are characterized by high level of efficiency. Among them a special place is occupied by the homeopathic medicines that can effectively deal with the cough and it does not bring harm to human health.

So, today we will speak about homeopathic medicines for cough. Let's start!

What are the causes of cough?

Cough is a defensive reaction of the organism to a variety of pathogens. The cough can be wet or dry. Most often the cough occurs due to negative impact of bacterial, allergic or viral pathogens. If there is a large amount of dust in the air, then people suffer from cough.

  • The dry cough is caused by the irritation of cough receptors. These receptors are located in the throat, stomach, nasal sinuses, trachea.
  • The wet cough it’s a pathological condition that is characterized by the secretion of sputum during the cough. This type of cough is a result of inflammatory processes. As a result, the patient accumulates sputum, which he pushes out when he coughs.

What are the main symptoms of disease?

Very often the patient needs help in those cases if the cough is dry and causes discomfort.

The homeopathic medications can be taken in the case of wet cough, if the sputum’s secretion is difficult enough.

If the cough is protracted, it is necessary to provide the patient a special medical care.

If the pathological changes are not observed by doctors, there is no need for its treatment.

In the case of the wet cough the patient can cough as long as there won’t no sputum. But very often, a wet cough can lead to vomiting.

The dry cough is characterized by the present of constant absence of sputum. Also the patient can have a fever. The symptoms are also: a malaise, weakness, drowsiness.

The homeopathic remedies which cure the dry cough, their types and descriptions.

Homeopathic medicines are more effective in the case of dry cough than in wet. In the presence of cough bouts that are characterized by difficult expectoration, patient needs take such medications as Bromium, Hepar Sulphur, or Antimonium of tartaricum. You should take the medicines until you get better. In this case you must follow all the requirements of your doctor. If you will do every prescription, you will fell better in short time. Then if these drugs do not give a positive effect, and the patient coughs for a long time, then the patient is prescribed the acceptance of Potassium Iodatum.

If the disease becomes a chronic shape, and the mucous membrane which covers the respiratory tract is irritated, the patient must take Lycopodium. This medication drug may be prescribed in the case when the patient is diagnosed with chronic bronchitis.

When the patient has dry cough, then it causes a lot of discomfort.

In some cases the patients feel the pain. The dry cough is characterized by the presence of annoying, irritable and painful urge to cough.

So it is necessary to cure the patient timely.

If the main symptom of cold is the dry cough, it is necessary to treat it with special medications. The cough may disappear completely or become wet if the patient uses the medicaments correctly.

The homeopathy medicines affect on dry cough immediately, for this purpose doctors use more often of Spongia or Hepar Sulphur.

If the cough is not observed during the daytime, and in the night it increases with considerable force, the patient needs to take the Drosera.

In this case the doctors often recommend using of Rumex or Cuprum. They can be used to eliminate a continuous dry cough.

There is useful information in the video about how to cure dry cough.

Some patients have a cough, which by its nature is resemble with tuberculosis cough. This is because the mucous membranes of the bronchi are affected.

Also in this period there is an inflammation of lymph nodes, which is characterized by a rather slow velocity. For the patient this process is very painful. This disease is called bronchoadenitis. To cure the bronchoadenitis use the Spongia, Conium, Bromium. If the dry cough appears at night, and it leads to suffocation, it can cause the patient's insomnia. To deal with this pathology use the Lachesis. In some cases the cough lowers the patient’s voice, and also his voice can totally disappear.

So it is recommended to use of homeopathic medicines, for example  Sulfuric, Laurocerasus, Coccus.  If the process of treatment of the disease is delayed, then the patient should be fully examined. Thanks to this procedure it is possible to identify absolutely all the pathological processes that occur in the human body.

What homeopathic medicine can you use in case of wet cough?

Nowadays almost every family uses the methods of traditional medicine, because the majority of pharmacists have already studied them.

Although the homeopathy has recently appeared, today you can buy the homeopathic remedies in a drugstore without a prescription.

Previously, these drugs were the tools that have been used in folk medicine and were forbidden to treat coughs. Today they are recognized by many physicians and therefore are widely used in traditional medicine.

  • To select correctly the homeopathic medicine, you should seek medical advice. The specialist will be able to prescribe the patient the most suitable drug, and also he will tell you how to use this medicine.
  • The composition of homeopathic medicines includes natural substances. This allows to deal effectively with the disease. Take the homeopathic medicines every 30 minutes.

The types of medications for wet cough:

If the patient complains of the appearance of hoarseness and pain in the chest with a wet cough, then he needs to take a homeopathic remedy, the Phosphorus.

The weak kids and also young patients with obesity who have a disease which occurs due to stay in the damp air should take syrup of ipecac.

If the patient has a hard barking cough, and its strengthening is observed in the morning, profuse yellow sputum, the treatment requires using of Potassium dichromate.

In the end of the summer, the weather often is changeable. The day is hot, but it is cold at night. That is why in this period occur the majority of respiratory diseases. In this case, a wet cough is mild, it can deteriorate in wet weather. To cure this cough you should take the Solanum dulcamara.  

The homeopathic remedies are very effective for treat the cough. And of course the choice of medications depends on the characteristics of the disease.

So you should always ask your doctor firstly.

Homeopathic remedies for kids

The homeopathic remedies are recently used for the treatment of cough for children. Homeopathy is directed at identifying and eliminating the causes of a certain disease.

To treat correctly of your child’s organism, your doctor should examine your child very well. Often they prescribe to take the Solanum dulcamara, Phosphorus, Bromium, etc.

The active fight against virus is provided by a method of stimulating the immune system. It receives the signal from homeopathic remedies and begins an active struggle with the disease. The herbal therapy returns the strength to the body, also it has beneficial effects on the disease.

Can I take the homeopathic medicines during pregnancy?

The cough during pregnancy should be treated. Homeopathy is recommended for women, because it is absolutely safe for their health.

There are medicines which the doctors prescribe often to women: Antimonium tartaricum, Laurocerasus, Coccus cacti, etc.

Before prescribing the homeopathic medicines, the doctor studies the patient's medical history. Next, the doctor carefully considers the complaints of the patient. Also the doctor should obtain information about what the patient’s previous diseases

To eliminate a cough, the doctor appoints the correct treatment, which eliminates the symptoms of its appearance. But anyway the drug choice depends on the patient.

The homeopathic remedies consist of metals, products of vegetable and animal nature, minerals. They are characterized by a high level of effectiveness. And this is the perfect way to fight against dry and wet cough. That's why the homeopathic remedies are very popular today.


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