Is honey good for babies?

The health benefits of honey are too numerous. But what about the honey benefits for the babies? Is honey good for a child? Read here to know the answer.

baby and honey

Undoubtedly, honey is not only tasty but also very useful product. Honey is often widely used in home treatment. Often you can hear from grandparents the recommendation to add some honey to the milk mixture and give to the baby. Is honey good for babies? Opinions are different.

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Is honey good for children?

In fact, honey for babies can be dangerous. Honey contains a spore-forming bacillus, its penetration in the digestive system of the baby helps to create an excellent environment for the development of botulism. These spores can cause intoxication, which for the adult organism is not a problem. Without special effects, for a newborn this toxic damage is extremely distressing, in rare cases, ends in death.

honey for babies

Honey for babies bad

Experts argue that honey, in any case, can not be given to children under one year of age, and preferably until two years. In many countries, the age of two is considered one of the contraindications for the use of honey.

Many claim that eating honey is better to refrain until the age of three. Someone starts to give honey for children after a year. However, they both agree that honey for babies is more dangerous than useful.

Is honey good for babies?

Honey for babies benefits

If you still decided to give honey to a child after a year, let it be not more than ½ teaspoon of sweet product in the afternoon. On reaching the child two years of age, the dosage can be increased to a teaspoon. Don't forget that honey is a quite allergenic product.

Honey indeed has a beneficial effect on the body. Moreover, it is used for therapeutic purposes and prevention of many diseases. However, this does not mean that honey will be useful for babies.

Is honey good for babies?

Many young mothers give honey to babies as a sweet taste. But even the introduction of complementary foods is recommended from six months. It is unlikely that this risk is justified, because children are prone to allergies, and honey is a high allergen. Allergens can accumulate in the child's body, and the rash may appear only after some time.

The experts agree that children under one year do not need to know sweet-salty tastes. Baby food should be tasty free. A child will not perceive broccoli after eating honey. And the children's teeth should be better kept.

Is honey good for babies?

Some moms use honey for babies to remove the white coating on the tongue. Perhaps our grandmother's great-grandmothers had done so, but really, honey is not a salvation from the white plaque, which in most cases is the norm and does not require removal. If it is not just about the other disease or about yeast infection, then honey is not an assistant.

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