Is honey good for diabetics?

Honey is a product rich in vitamins. It can definitely make you strong and healthy! But there are special people among us. Diabetics. This question is so important for you. Read with us!

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All our troubles are from ignorance. This also applies to the consumption of honey. Some people with diabetes say that honey can cause the unwanted sugar spike. Others claim honey is very healthy and helps reduce blood glucose. Who are right?

Scientific have argued about a benefit of honey for a long time. In a result, they confirm it is a very useful and necessary product for people.

The use of honey in diabetes

The most important aspect of this product is that it is composed of simple sugars — fructose and glucose, the assimilation of which takes place without the participation of insulin, and emaciated the body of the patient with diabetes.
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The composition of honey includes such a useful element such as chromium, contributing to the normal activity of hormones, stabilizing blood sugar, improving the formation of adipose tissue. Chrome control the appearance of fat cells, it just reduces them and excretes.

Diabetic patients should regularly use honey. It helps them to normalize blood pressure and to reduce the concentration of hemoglobin glycerin ogees.

The composition of honey counts the large (more than 200) some nutrients. Therefore it helps to recover all needed for normal immune system elements, like vitamins, proteins, natural acids, trace elements.

Pharmacological properties of honey

  • Reduce the spread of germs and fungi actively;
  • Decrease the side effects of those medications taken by the patient with diabetes;
  • Tones and strengthens the body and nervous system;
  • Regulates the flow of all metabolic processes in the body;
  • Heals wounds, cracks, and skin ulcers;
  • Improves kidney, liver, heart, blood vessels and gastrointestinal tract.

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What type of honey dietitians can eat?

Doctors recommend eating only ripe and high-quality honey.  Often sellers add in honey sugar and other harmful substances. So patients with diabetes need to find a safe and reliable supplier of honey.

Mature honey is the most salubrious and suitable its type.Honey being long in the comb, reduce its amount of sugar and broken down into simple sugars.
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Moreover acacia honey is useful for diabetics, which has a lot of chrome. But lime honey contains cane sugar, so it doesn’t recommend using it.

How to choose honey?

As for the definition of quality of honey in consistency, color, and smell of the product:

•    Good honey will never stick to the pan, and when taking a spoon to retain the fluidity. The resulting stream should gradually cease.

•    Quality honey has a slightly bitter smell.

•    The consistency of the quality of the product should be homogeneous, without impurities and sugar lumps.

•    Honey should not be painted under the influence of chemical pencil or a drop of iodine solution.

Harm of honey in diabetes

The composition of honey is mainly represented by two important simple carbohydrates: fructose (55%) and glucose (45%). That is, the honey is carb product. Some specialists confirm that using honey in people with diabetes is dangerous.
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In two worlds, in liver eaten by a person, the fructose will be converted to fat. If people regularly feed the body with fructose honey, it will lead to the approaching obesity, and all the consequences arising from this.

Accentuate the fact that longest uncontrolled consumption of fructose leads to the development of "glitches" in the center of appetite regulation, located in the brain. In a result, the feeling of satiety comes much later, and the process of recruitment of extra pounds with only wins.

With executive consumption of honey damage the work of the cardiovascular system, impaired memory, suffer brain vessels, slowly begin to fail a liver, heart and other organs.

Therefore to avoid the negative impact of honey, you have to know your dose. Read about it below.

How to use honey for people with diabetes?

Diabetic patient should carefully calculate the dose of honey, and before introducing it into your diet, it is recommended to verify blood sugar levels.
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•    Two tsp of honey is equivalent to 12 g of product. Especially this dose is critical for those who have diabetes of the first type.

•    It is recommended to drink honey in the morning on an empty stomach. It can charge the whole body liveliness and energy.

•    The norm in the day of honey — 2 tbsp.

Don't forget diabetes and honey are compatible only with control of the quality and quantity of the use of bee sweetness. The carbohydrates contained in this product is contraindicated for many of the diets that are prescribed for people with diabetes. Honey and diabetes can be "friends," but only under supervision. Carefully monitor your health and control blood sugar levels in the first days of consumption of natural sweetness.

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