Is it bad to drink alcohol while pregnant?

Are you pregnant and willing to take a sip of beer on your birthday? Be careful! This article will tell you why it can be harmful.

alcohol and pregnant

If you are getting ready to have a baby, there must be a lot of questions you want to find to find answers to. One of those issues that are important during pregnancy is the consume of alcohol.

And the doctors’ advices actually vary. No one can give a 100% guarantee.

So is it okay to have a sip of wine on your birthday party?

Some experts claim it to be extremely dangerous to drink even a small glass of alcohol. But the others say that it’s not that bad unless you’re abusing it.

That’s why there is no certain answer. It can also depend on a person. Some women would drink a glass of champagne and feel perfectly fine. Moreover, their babies would also be safe.

But some other future mothers might experience pain and even the loss of their child.

It is absolutely true that if you are abusing alcohol it will cause a lot of problems with your health and the health of your future baby.

But if we are speaking about small amounts, there is not enough evidence to say that it’s dangerous.

alcohol and pregnant

Even though doctors still warn future mothers to avoid alcohol, the statistics shows that not everyone actually follows their advices. A big amount of women still drink something few times a month.

How much can I drink?

The doctors from New York hospital have expressed their thoughts on this topic. One of them says that you never know if this amount will have no influence on your baby and on your pregnancy.

Every person is different and that’s why it’s hard to say.

Drink alcohol early pregnancy

Most of the American gynaecologists share the same opinion. Unfortunately enough this particular subject hasn’t been studied that well in order to make conclusions.

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There are certain stages of your pregnancy when it would be absolutely unacceptable but there are also times when it might be not harmful at all. The problem is that no one really knows.

Many girls ask if it’s okay to drink alcohol while pregnant if it’s your first weeks. If you really need to know the answer it is better to consult with your gynaecologist who knows your specifics.

There are certain substances in our organism that control the breaking down of food and alcohol. And many people tend to have absolutely different levels of those substances.

That’s why the effect might be really different.

So if enzyme levels are not that high in a woman’s body it means that it’s more dangerous for her to drink because alcohol would stay in her blood a lot longer.

But there is also no guarantee that the future mother with the high level of enzyme won’t suffer after consuming a beverage.

alcohol and pregnant

This is the main reason why some doctors think that the abstinence would be the safest way to keep your baby healthy.

The worst thing that can happen is your baby can be born not only unhealthy but also with incurable diseases such as mental disorders, problems with coordination, speech and eyesight defects, the small size of some body parts.

It can get even more serious depending on the amount of the alcohol you drank and the time when you did it.

There are not enough studies done

Even though it is believed to be extremely dangerous to consume alcohol during pregnancy, there is simply not enough evidence to prove it.

There needs to be more research done on this topic so that women can actually be aware what is good and what is bad for them and their future kids.

There was an English study done a few years ago. The experts took some amount of women who drank a little bit alcohol while they were pregnant and their kids aged 5.

They saw that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the children and they behaved just the same as those whose mothers have abstained from drinking.

But the doctors warn that it doesn’t mean that the situation won’t change in a few years as they grow. They want to do more studies to finally understand how it works.

Different Opinions

The majority of the medical experts state that even though the effects of the alcohol are still not really studied the best way not to get in trouble is not to drink anything containing even a little bit of alcohol at all.

alcohol and pregnant

But the other doctors are not sure that the occasional sip of wine will make any difference to the health of a woman and a child.

The American gynaecology professors say that it’s a woman herself who needs to decide. The doctors can’t force you do anything but they can obviously instruct you about all possible complications.

But they still think that it’s okay to drink few times a month. But it obviously means that you are only safe as long as the level of alcohol in your blood is low enough.

As soon as you start feeling drunk it means that you need to stop immediately or you would have to face the consequences.

If you have experienced something like that you need to talk to your doctor immediately so that they can see if your child can still be saved.

If you are not sure which decision is the best to make it’s always better to talk to your private doctor. Even if you are having problems with alcohol, remember that it’s curable so don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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