Is marriage a good cancer cure?

Can cancer be cured? Find out what a devoted marriage relationship can do for cancer healing. It is amazing!

For many long years cancer was deemed to be an incurable disease. Presently scientists are carrying out many researches to find the cancer cure. Along way they also research the factors that boost patients’ chances for healing up and overcoming this deadly disease and seems like marriage is one of them.

marriage cures cancer

How marriage helps to heal the cancer?

The statistic shows that married women, who develop cancer, have fewer chances to die of it than the unmarried ones. The difference in death rate is around 19 percent. The same is true for the men. The married ones die less often and the death rate is by 27 percent lower than that among the unmarried men with cancer.

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Scientists supposed that the married people get more financial support from their spouses, but that turned out to be only a secondary factor. The primary factor is the emotional support of a wife or a husband for their partner. It seems to have a healing power and boosts determination of the patient to become a cancer survivor.

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Another valid benefit of marriage in regards to cancer treatment is that the spouse helps the person with cancer to keep the appointments with the doctors, take medicine timely, etc. They become more organized and get higher survival chances combating the deadly foe. And they also receive a devoted and loving caregiver.

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Such a tendency is not limited to cancer only. Patients with all kinds of conditions have higher chances to survive, when they are happily married and get devoted support of their partner. As you see, marriage has many amazing benefits to offer to those, who honor and value it. 


Cancer treatment can drag on for months or years. Often very difficult to cope with it alone. However, if there is someone who is able to reduce stress and anxiety, this can be a favorable addition to therapy".

Such results may indicate the importance of social support and appropriate care for survival in severe diseases, and emphasizes the importance of socio-psychological resources of the patient.

The researchers stressed that they are not campaigning all people immediately to marry – rather, they highlighted the importance of communicating with friends and family members, the importance of social contacts.

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