Is menstruation cup safe?

What is menstruation cup? How to use it? Is it safe? Why it is the best alternative to tampons and pads for most women? Find out answers in this article!

menstruation cup

A menstruation cup is a flexible cup designed to use inside the vagina. It is an innovative method to protect clothes and collect blood during menstruation period. Additionally, it is quite a good alternative to the traditional methods such as tampons and pads.  The main difference is that the cup collects the blood rather than absorbs it.

menstrual cup

Usually, menstruation cups are made of rubber or silicone. You can use it during all your cycle. Remove and rinse it after 12 hours or when leaking occurs. Probably you will need to do that more often.

Before using it, you need to understand is it safe or not especially for you, because we all are different, and every woman has its own menstruation period particularities. So below we will consider main advantages and disadvantages of menstruation cup.

menstruation cup


1.    More time between changes. You can change menstrual cup after 12 hours of usage in comparison to tampons, which you need to change every four hours.

2.    Less odor. Menstrual cup forms an airtight seal, so menstrual blood will not smell.

less odor

3.    You can have sex with it. Some of the cups are removal before sex. However, it is also possible to have sex with it inside. They look like a diaphragm, so they are shaped like a dome, not like the usual bell. Your partner will not even feel them! Besides, there is no blood to worry about.

4.    It’s safe. If you use this cup, there is no chance of chafing or rush as it can happen when you use pads. Also, it is safer in comparison to tampons since it has a lower risk of bacterial infection and toxic shock.

5.    It’s eco-friendly and helps to save money. One reusable cup costs around 30-40 dollars, and you can use it up to 10 years. That means less waste and less money to spend.

eco friendly cup

6.    Less visits to the drag store. Usually, women replace menstrual cup once a year. It means that you will make 11 fewer trips to the drug store compared to traditional methods.

7.    Vaginal pH is saved. Tampons absorb all your vaginal fluid along with the blood, which may disturb the delicate pH and bacterial balance in your vagina.

 Vaginal pH is saved.

8.    Easy to use. Anyone who has used tampons will have no problems in inserting a menstrual cup. You should just fold it, so it looks like a tampon, aim it toward the back of the vagina and give a little push. It should draw itself up. When inserted properly, you shouldn’t feel its presence at all.

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1.    Maintenance. The menstrual cup requires some time to sterilize it after each cycle by using boiling water.


2.    Possible difficulties in usage. If you have dropped uterus or fibroids, the cup may not fit you properly. 

3.    Emptying is messy. This is the most significant disadvantage of the menstrual cup. Especially, it concerns cleaning it in public places. However, when you practice, it will be quicker, and the mess will be emptied faster.

messy emptying

4.    Removal issues. At first, it may seem difficult to do. Remember, you shouldn’t pull on the stem, just pinch the base and pull. After that collected blood will empty into the toilet.

5.    Possibly difficult to insert. Younger girls and those who’ve never had intercourse may find it difficult to insert the cups.

 Possibly difficult to insert.

6.    It can cause irritation. The study has proven that cup users have more irritation. Therefore it is necessary to wash your hands before inserting and clean your cup well.

So, as we can see, menstruation cup is a pretty safe device, but again you need to take into account the special features of your body. However, you can just buy and try it! There are different sizes and formations. You can find them in drug stores or buy online. 

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