Is new Ebola outbreak raging in the world?

Is there a new kind of Ebola out there? Must read Ebola news.

Scientists have reported that new virus has been found. "It contains in blood of the pigs, which live in Asia. Its mutation is capable to cause an illness of people" – experts declared.

 new Ebola

The new infection was called Reston. It is one of Ebola family bacterium. As scientists say, it can become a new kind of the dangerous contamination. They conducted researches to see distinctive features between these two molecules. Today Reston doesn't cause diseases of people, unlike Ebola. But everything can change in the nearest future with its future mutations.

Ebola outbreak raging in the world?

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The virus has already infected people but didn't make serious consequences. Nowadays it remains the only representative of the Ebola family, which didn't become the reason of illness.

Researchers have carried out the analysis of all Ebola bacteria. Experiments took place to make forecasts about possible change of cell structure of a virus and its mutation in more dangerous form of infection. Researches defined many differences in virus proteins from the basic breed.

new Ebola in the world?

Results of these researches were unfavorable. Specialists say that slightest change in the cell structure is enough for virus to infect the person with a new, dangerous illness. Now they try to find a medicine to prevent this serious danger.

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