Is obesity genetic?

Is obesity genetic? What can you do if you have relatives in your family who suffered from obesity?

obesity genetic

Is obesity genetic? What can you do to prevent obesity? First thing that you should understand about obesity that it helps nothing. If you have obesity, then you may suffer from many diseases that contribute obesity, like heart diseases, dizziness, high or low blood pressure. Nevertheless, according to experts, obesity is provoked by genetic on 30% and by lifestyle on 70%. Researches show that there is a link between obesity and chromosomal abnormality. In other words, if someone from your family suffered from obesity, that there is a possibility that you can also suffer from obesity. Nevertheless, the key word is “possibility,” there are also guarantees that you can illuminate this problem by having a healthy lifestyle.

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Link between obesity and genetics

Link between obesity and genetics

According to the new researches, it is discovered four more genes that are responsible for obesity (in addition to 8 genes that were discovered earlier). Nevertheless, the Centers for Disease Control in the world do not monitor widespread of obesity that linked only to genetics. Nevertheless, it`s fairly known, that the main contributors to the obesity are an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercises, overeating. Therefore, it means, that in most cases, people have to blame themselves for their problems. Nevertheless, it does not mean that genetics do not play a part in that at all.

From the very begining of the life, children are affected by their parents` lifestyle. Therefore, the parents are to blame in children obesity in most cases. It goes mostly from the habits that children implement in their lifestyle in future. Therefore, if you desire that your kid stays healthy and strong, then you may need to put some actions in it. It`s obvious that the first examples of the behavior for children are parents. If you prefer to lay on a sofa after a work day, then do not expect that your child will act differently.

Still, it should also be mention that one case of obesity is different from another. According to a study Published in “Nature,” a genetic link to obesity was discovered by the defect of the chromosome 16. You do not to be a scientist to understand; that chromosome is structured containing DNA. Therefore, it determines who we are. If it`s said, that the “defect” is found on the 16th chromosome, that it means that there are 30 different genes that you lack and you have 50 more times chances to suffer from obesity.

Therefore, if you desire to find an answer if obesity is genetic, then the answer yes. Nevertheless, you might be surprised to know, that this chromosome is also linked to autism and schizophrenia. Therefore, these two serious brain disorders are also linked to the obesity. Still, there is good news for people. This kind of defect chromosome is found in one man out of one thousand. People who are found to have this chromosome – usually suffer from childhood. Therefore, when they grow up, they may have all diseases connected to the obesity. Still, these people can suffer from obesity from childhood to adulthood.

Obesity and genetics

Obesity and genetics

Obesity is genetic, but only in some cases. In more than 90% of cases, obesity is not genetic. The genetics provides us with two aspects of life, like fat cells and fast or slow metabolism. Obesity can be easily provoked by a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, lack of exercises, ill-health and others. For some people, obesity can be provoked by just one of the particular reason. For others, it can be a combination of many factors. Nevertheless, in 90% of cases the obesity was provoked not by genetics, but the conscious choices of people.

Still, if you have obesity, you shouldn`t be depressed or disheartened. It`s obviously curable. However, you can be the only person who can fight with obesity. The first thing that you should do in fighting with obesity is to choose a healthy diet. Do not eat junk food, try to consider more balanced diet with fruits and vegetables. The second option for you is to start exercising more. You can try to visit a local GYM, where you may find a coach that can help you with obesity problems. You may also try jogging in mornings or evenings. If you desire to have more specific and professional help with obesity, then you may try to ask a local doctor that can provide you healthy diet and exercise plan.

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