Is penis transplant surgery possible?

What is penis transplant and is it really possible? Find out now.

Penis is an important organ for all males. Losing it to a disease or in an accident is a serious problem and it can ruin man’s life and family. There is some good news about the penis transplant. It has finally become possible.

Is penis transplant

First penis transplant surgery

It was performed in May 2016 in USA. The man who got a new penis is called Thomas Manning and he is 64 years of age. His own male organ was lost to cancer and he needed a new one. Basically, what the doctors did was to take a dead man’s penis and attach it to a new owner!

The surgery took over 15 hours, as it sounds easy to do, but the operation is a very complicated one. Presently the restored man has no side effects visible on his donor organ. It does not bleed and the body does not reject it.

Is penis transplan possible

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The main criteria for picking the donor organ from a dead man were his blood type as well as the skin color. Surely, the name of the donor man is not disclosed, but his family received gratitude from penis transplant receiver.

It took the doctors over three years of preparation and training to perform the surgery. Now penis transplant is possible and it gives hope to all those needed transplantation to save their lives or families.


Group of surgeons in South Africa managed to transplant the penis of a young man who lost his manhood as a result of complications after circumcision. Now the happy owner of a new penis claims that the transplanted organ is fully functional.

The penis can now be transplanted from a donor photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

On the successful outcome of the operation became known only on Friday, March 13, though the surgery was conducted by South African surgeons in December of last year. It lasted about nine hours. The organ was transplanted from a dead donor 21-year-old man.

A unique operation was conducted by a joint team of surgeons from Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Hospital (Cape town). As one of the doctors, the patient has to recover all of the functions of the transplanted organ and doctors are surprised by the quick recovery of the patient.

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