Is sex healthy for elderly people?

Is sex dangerous for old people or is it really beneficial? This question will surely be answered in this article. Read and learn about the misconceptions that we think are true.

sex and old people

It’s hard to disagree that sex is more than just a physical act – there is so much more to it. However, people certainly need to know sex healthy tips in order to make their sex life not only exciting but also safe.

There is also an opinion that people stop having intercourse as they age.

But even though a lot of sex healthy positions become more complicated to perform, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have sex anymore when you are older than 50. 

The truth is that you just need to be more flexible and honest with your partner. This way people who say that sex in old people’s homes doesn’t exist, will be wrong.

A lot of it depends on the people and their desires.

Is age actually important?

People need intimacy at any age. All the researchers agree that gender also doesn’t play any role – as long as you feel the desire you can make love till you die.

It’s quite obvious that sex of the elderly people aged 80 will be completely different from the sex of young people. But it doesn’t mean that it will be worse – just not what you are used to.

First of all, older people have a lot more experience than the representatives of the younger generation. What is more, most of the time elderly people are more relaxed and confident.

If they live with a particular person for a while they know that they could be open to that person and discuss anything with them.

sex and old people

However, a lot of old people start feeling embarrassed about themselves. It’s a huge mistake as it is possible to enjoy this process even when you are old.

It’s quite understandable why they start to think that way – their bodies and health condition change. And very often one of the spouses becomes sick and is just not allowed to do it anymore.

Of course life becomes harder as you age but it doesn’t mean that you just have to leave it that way – there are certainly ways to overcome all your problems concerning sexual life.

Remember that you need to be open and ready to change your mind about things. In some cases you might also ask doctors or other specialists for help or at least for advice.

You might be surprised but there are a lot of misconceptions about it. People still ask ‘is sex healthy for elderly people’ but not many seem to know the answer.

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Sex as you age: Benefits

First of all, when you are old your kids have already grown up so you don’t have to care about them – they can care about you instead. You also don’t have to work.

Therefore, if you live together with your partner you will have a lot of time for each other. Wouldn’t it be nice to rediscover your relationships and spend more time together without anything else bothering you?

Sex is a great way to get closer to each other not only physically but also emotionally. It actually can improve your mood and health! What is more, it also makes you lose weight.

With its help you can also become more relaxed. Some scientists think that the more healthy sex the person has the longer they will live. Therefore, why refusing from satisfaction that is useful and pleasurable?

How to make my sex better

The idea that your sex is getting worse as you age is totally wrong. Sometimes the only reason people actually have to deal with this problem is their own thoughts.

sex and old people

Some older people simply don’t realize that everything is in their hands and they should just start with changing their attitude. Now you might have more free time to try something new.

It’s true that not every single position will work great for you but it only means that you can discover some new ways to make this experience pleasurable for both partners.

The important thing is to learn to love yourself. After all, you are at that age when you have enough experience to know what you like and dislike in bed. Moreover, you also know how to satisfy your partner.

And stop comparing your current sex life to the one you used to have some years ago. Try to live at the moment and just enjoy the best you can get out of it.

You might not realize it but a lot of things go wrong just because we think about them in a wrong way. For some people getting old means the end of the world.

But if you learn to love yourself the way you are you will see that it’s not that bad. In fact, you will have so much more opportunities and things to do that you will never get bored.

But it will only be possible if you allow yourself to open up to something new instead of sitting and thinking about your age and youth that can never be brought back.

And your sex behaviour is connected to your self-perception.

Sex should be healthy at any age!

It’s very important to remember that no matter what age you are you always need to use a protection. Of course if you are an elderly person then you are most likely not going to get pregnant anymore.

However, you are still exposed to all kinds of STDs. In order to prevent the danger you really need to discuss it with your partner. Trust is really great but when it comes to health you can only be sure in yourself.

sex and old people

As for the other tips, it’s absolutely necessary to be honest with your partner. It’s absolutely natural to have fears and embarrassment but if you talk to your loved one about it you will surely feel supported.

Sex isn’t the easiest topic to talk about but it’s always better to say the truth than to pretend that everything is fine.

How do I talk about it?

If you have more questions or uncertainties you can also talk about it with the specialists.

However, if you don’t know how to start the conversation about sex with your partner, the best way to do it would be just stating your feelings and thoughts.

Moreover, the conversation about sex might actually turn you on and it’s a great start!

Therefore, there is no need to ask ‘is sex healthy for old people’.  There is no doubt that it’s very beneficial!

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