Is sex healthy?

What are advantages of regular sex for woman? Read the article to learn more about this theme.

Is sex healthy? This question is widespread among many people. So what are positive effects of everyday sex? Is having sex healthy when you are pregnant? Find the answer below.

Is sex healthy

Sex is good for health

Are people who have sex everyday healthy? These are facts, which will give you an answer whether is regular good for you:

  • According to scientists, the more often the man has sex, the higher are his chances to become long-liver. At the same time, life expectancy is influenced much stronger with sexual activity, than financial position of the person.

Sex is good for health

  • The probability of development of diseases of vessels and heart decreases lowers. Men having sex three times a week and more often, have lower probability of stroke and heart attack – almost twice in comparison with other people. Sex can also be good mean of diagnostics of cardiovascular diseases. Difficulties with an erection can demonstrate that person's blood vessels are sick. It can be the first symptom of diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis.
  • Estrogen makes women more beautiful. Condition of skin, hair and nails becomes better. Besides, character of the woman in many respects depends on whether she is happy in private life. Attentive people notice it, and sometimes can determine by appearance of the woman, whether she is happy in sex. Such signs as irritability, tension, aggression, emotional instability say about problems with sex. If there are no problems, the woman is cheerful, benevolent, gentle and tender.

sex everyday healthy

  • Sense of smell improves. It occurs because after sex emission of hormone, which stimulates development of the neurons, settling down in the center of sense of smell.
  • Sex is a physical exercise too. At the excited person pulse rate increases from 70 to 150 beats per minute, and one sexual intercourse burns approximately as much calories as 15 minutes of run on a racetrack. Reductions of muscles during sex strengthen muscles of hips, buttocks, hands and thorax. Also during sexual intercourse hormone testosterone, which favorably influences on musculoskeletal, is thrown in blood.

sex everyday healthy for you

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  • Blood of people who regularly have sex contains 30% more antibodies, than at supporters of abstention. Therefore, they get sick with infectious diseases less often.
  • Painful sensitivity decreases. Before orgasm, hormone oxytocin is thrown in blood of the person. Under its action endorphins, possessing powerful soothing action, are formed. At women, sex activates synthesis of estrogen, which suppresses pain connected with premenstrual syndrome.

Is sex during pregnancy good

Is sex during pregnancy good?

  • If pregnancy proceeds normally, and the woman feels good, it is possible to have sex from first months of pregnancy and prior to childbirth. Doctors say that during pregnancy the woman is capable to feel a bigger pleasure, than at usual sexual intercourse. To reduce risk of development of inflammation of genital tract during pregnancy partners need to use condoms with special greasing.

sex everyday healthy 1

  • In two weeks prior to childbirth, it is reasonable to refuse intimate proximity, because sexual intercourse before childbirth can provoke premature contractions. The matter is that during intimate excitement hormone oxytocin, stimulating reduction of uterus is thrown in blood of the woman. Also mechanical impact on uterus promotes allocation of a number of hormones causing its softening. If remained time before childbirth is a little, then the orgasm can be an incitement to the beginning of childbirth. Sexual intercourse just before labor especially can cause it.

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