Is sleeping too much bad?

Does sleeping too much have a lot of shortcomings and brings damage to your health? Why does it can increase a risk of depression? Read the article to learn more about the right regime of sleeping.

I sleep too much – what to do

Is sleeping too much bad?

Practically each person in time, free from work, seeks to sleep off. As a rule, it is connected with a sleep debt within working week and desire to fill the missed hours. If you carry yourself to fans of luxuriating in a bed for a long time, you can do a huge harm to your health. According to the latest data, the long dreaming is capable of causing the development of many diseases, to provoke mental and physiological violations in an organism.

  • The risk of developing of depression increases. Last year special researches took place, during which scientists have found out that duration of a dream is directly connected with depressions. Participants of an experiment, who slept from 7 to 9 hours at night, have only 27% of probability of development of depressive symptoms while at those who luxuriated in a bed for nine and more hours such probability increased to 49%.
  • Work of a brain worsens. Researchers have shown the negative effects of sleeping on the brain. People who sleep more than 10 hours a day have violations in work of a brain. Moreover, the long dream negatively influences memory and concentration of attention.
  • The probability to become pregnant decreases. The group of the Korean scientists surveyed the state of health of more than 650 women, who have agreed to artificial insemination. The group has come to stunning conclusions. The pregnancy was most often observed at those women who slept from 7 to 9 hours a day. The women who slept 9 and more hours managed to become pregnant much less often. However, the reasons for such phenomenon are still not established; conception is influenced by a set of factors.

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  • The risk of development of diabetes increases. The American researchers, studying communication between duration of a dream and risk of various diseases within 15 years, found out that at people who sleep more than 8 hours a day the risk of development of diabetes is 50% higher than at those who haven't got used to long sleeping. At the same time, this regularity took place irrespective of other factors of a disease, such as weight, age, and smoking.
  • It leads to obesity. The excess weight is possible at the people sleeping for 9-10 hours at night. Every year the risk of a disease increases, even at regular physical activities and normal food.
  • The risk of development of cardiovascular disorder increases. During the experiment, in which more than 72 thousand women participated, confirmation of that fact that the sleeping too much provokes heart diseases has been received: at sleeping every night for 9–11 hours the threat of developing a disease in comparison with those who slept for 8 hours increased by 38%.
  • It causes early death. People who sleep from 7 to 8 hours a day live on average for 15% longer, than those who sleep more than eight hours a day.

I sleep too much – what to do?

Immediately reconsider your sleeping habits. It is enough to sleep from 7 to 9 hours for adults. Oversleeping can bear negative consequences for your health. Are these hours in a bed worth risking? The excessive sleeping is more harmful to a brain and health in general than its shortage.

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