Is transgender a mental illness?

Who are transgenders? Do they have a mental illness? What is transgender definition? Can people prevent it? Brief summary on transgender issue is already here! Do not miss it!

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Transgender people are people, who have a desire to change their sex. This is a psychological phenomenon. The man does not seek to change his clothes into the clothes of the opposite sex to show his sexual preferences. Transgender men began showing themselves in childhood. Men and women feel the discrepancy of their gender and physical condition. Along with the dressing in more comfortable clothes, transgenders try to change the appearance, lifestyle and social role.

More often and more often transgenders make sex change surgery. According to statistics, this phenomenon is more common in men than in women. A man wants to become a beautiful, happy transgender woman. Doctors (in most of countries) call transgender a mental illness. But let’s learn more about it: what doctors say and what it really is.

Causes of transgender

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Scientists have found that transgender is not linked with the wrong education, stress, trauma, or exposure to radiation. True transgender is not a mental illness or deviation (according to the scientists). It begins to show up, when the transgender children are 3-5 years old, in the event of the behavioral differences between the sexes. The child wants to dress in clothes of the opposite sex, calls himself in a different way, calls himself a name that is characteristic of his psychological self-determination.

If parents do not notice the problem or deny it, punish the child and use aggression, the baby withdraws into himself. In the future, a serious mental illness will occur in such a person. At puberty, transgender often hate their genitals. They are becoming aware of the discrepancy between their sex and inner feelings. In fact, the teenager begins to think about a sex change at that moment.

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Causes of transgender are still unknown. Currently, it advances several theories concerning the origin of the disorder:

  • genetic theory of transgender. According to this theory, this disorder is caused by genetic defects;
  • a lack or excess of hormones. This violation occurs in utero or during infancy (up to 1 year);
  • theory that transgender is caused by certain features of education. For example, incomplete family, as well as parents’ selection of games, which do not respond the child's sex.

Symptoms of transgender

Symptoms of transgender

The main symptoms that accompany transgender are:

  • irritability and depressed mood;
  • constant feeling of loneliness;
  • rejection of social contacts and isolation;
  • the desire to dress and act like a person of the opposite sex;
  • the desire to get rid of their own genitals.


Transgender diagnostics

Transgender diagnostics includes:

  • analysis of patient’s complaints, medical history and the patient's life;
  • detailed psychological diagnosis. In an interview with a psychiatrist the presence of depression, suicidal tendencies are determined. It also determines the mental sex of a patient and a doctor clarifies the patient's desire to change his sex.


types of transgender

According to types of transgender, it may take the following forms:

  1. MtF - (male-to-female). It is a variety of transgender, when biological man considers himself as a woman.
  2. FtM - (female-to-male). It is a variety of transgender, when biological woman considers himself as a man.

In terms of transgender, it can be:

terms of transgender

  • nuclear. In this case, symptoms of discomfort from his own body (sex) are expressed very strongly. Nuclear transgender person experiences a strong desire to change their sex. If he is unable to change his sex, he may have an attempt to commit suicide;
  • boundary (erased). In this case, the patient unconsciously feels dissatisfaction, self-doubt and anxiety. At the same time, the willingness to change his sex is often denied and suppressed by the patient.

Patient’s actions


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If you have symptoms of transgender, you need a help of a psychotherapist.

Treatment of transgender

transgender treatment

It is impossible to cure transgender. You can suppress the display of it with regular sessions of psychotherapy and hypnosis. Or do a sex change operation. The first option most often leads to failure. Transgender, in any case, goes back to his true nature. A man often becomes gay, and the woman prefers lesbian relationships.

Changing gender diagnosis is always made by a doctor-sexologist. After this, the surgery is performed. Before surgery, a transgender should undergo a thorough examination of the doctors, to talk to a psychiatrist and sexologist, as well as undergo medical and psychological preparations for the new role. The patient starts taking hormones and changes all his documents.

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Sex-change surgery cannot be performed if the patient has a chronic disease, contraindications, tumors, etc. In adulthood, the possibility of surgery is also questionable. The earlier transgender visits doctors for help, the better the surgery will be.

After the change of sex transgender feels natural and harmonious. It is much harder to prove to the outside world, that the surgery was necessary. More often transgenders move to another city or country, are changing all the documents and cease to communicate with loved ones.

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It is interesting to note that transgenders have very high level of intelligence. The ancient tribes of Indians appreciated ‘super powers’ of transgenders very much, saying that these people have two spirits at the same time. But in the Muslim religion this phenomenon is unacceptable. If a transsexual said about his problem, he was executed.

Modern society also does not understand transgenders and treat them with a certain share of suspicion. Therefore, after a change of sex, not many transgender people talk about their past.

If the doctors and the patient have decided ‘to solve this delicate problem’, they may try a few methods. Transgender treatment may include:

Transgender treatment

  • psychotherapeutic treatment. Behavioral therapy is held by a psychotherapist to clarify the gender identity. Behavioral therapy can improve the patient's adaptation to society, as well as reduce the likelihood of suicidal thoughts.
  • conservative treatment. Patient receives hormonal therapy. The patient takes hormones that are identical to the hormones of the opposite sex. It is necessary to modify the secondary sexual characteristics, as well as to prepare for the surgery (or after it).
  • surgery. Sex change surgery of the type ‘man-woman’ will be held in two stages. At first the orchiectomy (removal of the testicles) is performed, as well as the creation of an artificial vagina from the tissues of the penis. The second phase of the surgery is breast prosthesis (silicone implants are installed).


Complications complications

Complications of transgender can be depression, suicidal thoughts, short life, because of taking hormones and attempted suicide.

Prevention of transgender

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According to some doctors such prevention includes:

  • Proper hygiene and sex education of children.
  • The formation of the child behavior that corresponds to his sex and age.

Prevention of transgender

So now you know the transgender definition. Can you say now whether it is mental illness or not? Doctors all around the world have the same doubts and can find one clear answer. As for now this issue is not studied completely, so you can’t get a certain and 100% answer.

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