Is vaginal birth after cesarean safe?

Did you experience cesarean, but have plans to give birth naturally? Will it be safe? We are going to find the answer for this question. Read this article and find out.


Lots of women, who experienced once cesarean, ask the question: “Is vaginal birth after it is safe?” Now we will try to find the answer to this question.

In the UK, according to the 2012 ratings, 13% of women gave birth naturally, and 75% of women didn’t have problems with vaginal birth after cesarean. As for newborns, according to statistics from the United States and Europe, approximately one case in 2000 of natural childbirth after the cesarean had neurological complications and fetal hypoxia.

For pregnancy after further cesarean, planning is of particular importance. After the first birth gives by caesarean, your wellbeing is important, and you have to discuss with your doctor the issues of contraception. You should carefully avoid pregnancy at least two years. This is necessary if you plan at least someday to be a mummy.

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Fertility in women after cesarean returns with the arrival of the first menstruation (and even earlier), but the ability to carry and give birth to the baby will depend on the condition of the body. There are successful cases of pregnancy and birth of children conceived after a few months after a caesarean, but it is very risky.

The most favorable time for the onset of the next pregnancy is counted from two to three to ten years after cesarean.

Usually, if the pregnancy after the cesarean comes after the first few months after birth, doctors recommend to interrupt it. It is important to remember that even if you want to have another baby after you held the cesarean, early pregnancy after surgery can supply you and doctors in a very difficult situation of choice. It will be dangerous to be pregnant with the immature and unformed scar as well as abortion. Therefore, the timing of planning a second baby after the cesarean should be approached very responsibly.


Is it possible to give birth naturally after a caesarean ?

Earlier in medicine, there was a definite rule that after a caesarean birth has to be the only cesarean. Fortunately, this statement has lost its relevance. Today the opportunity of natural childbirth with a uterine scar appeared. This is due to the wide introduction of semi-synthetic and synthetic sutures, which allow a complete recovery. According to some experts, successful birth after cesarean is possible in 60-70% cases.

Lots of-of expert organizations in Europe, America, and Russia declare that natural childbirth is even more desirable for women who previously had a cesarean section.

But, as a rule, natural births are possible after only one cesarean, and if it was two or more cesarean in a row – a natural birth is becoming too dangerous.


Why are natural births better than cesarean?

It would seem, why women should suffer during childbirth, if it is possible to make the incision under epidural anesthesia, freeing the baby from possible birth trauma? Why don't you all give birth without pain and effort?

But it is not so simple as it seems. First, the operation, which appears to be a simple and fast, in fact, is a complex surgical manipulation, with a high percentage of complications, some of which refers to a rather heavy and even, in rare cases, fatal for the mother.

One of the common complications is bleeding due to a poor cutting of the uterus and inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus. Serious surgery complications as peritonitis may develop. After the first cesarean, the complication rate invariably increases. Therefore, doctors don’t recommend doing caesarean section more than two times.

Secondly, it is proved that natural childbirth is a recommended physiological stress for the baby, allowing him to prepare for the first breath and extrauterine life. It is established that children born naturally are less susceptible to colds and allergies, are faster to adapt to the external environment.


Your chances of natural childbirth are quite high, if:

  1. the first cesarean was successful;
  2. after surgery, the recovery was without complications;
  3. the child was born healthy;
  4. you have one uterine scar in the lower segment;
  5. the second pregnancy is without complications;
  6. the scar is in good condition, no thinning of the walls of the uterus;
  7. baby weight less than 3.8 kg;
  8. you are set for natural childbirth.

In a normal situation, when nothing interferes during natural birth giving, the strategy is simple and straightforward: to give key needs for woman (to let her feel safe and not to be in front of strangers). If you give birth without problems, you can give birth through the vagina, if not, you should repeat cesarean. Most women can give birth by themselves, if you respect their need to be in solitude and peace.

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