Is Zika virus found in tears?

Can you catch Zika virus by contacting with someone’s tears? Scientists have found it in the eyes!

 Zika virus found in tears

Zika virus has become a scary sensation. It made people talk and dread it all over the world. Scientists have more bad news for us: Zika can infect eyes!

Zika nad eye infection:

A new researched carried out in Washington, USA proved that Zika virus can live in eyes and its particles are found in tears! What does it mean for us? Just this: human eyes can be the storage place of the deadly virus!

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 Zika virus

It also means that mosquito bites may not be the only source for Zika spreading. People can catch it from other people by contacting tears. However, for now they did not find live virus cells in human tears. This may have great benefits. Tears may contain substances or antibodies that kill the virus. It can become the possible key to the solution and stopping the epidemic.

So, even evil can bring good after all. For now, keep this information in mind to prevent being infected by this deadly disease.

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