It’s a bra day! What facts should you know about the bra and can it cause the breast cancer?

Is wearing bras dangerous for your health? Learn if bras can evoke breast cancer.

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Bras have become so common. We wear them and rarely think about the consequences or the history of this underwear. On a bra day, let’s get some facts!

Can wearing a bra cause breast cancer?

This is a very serious question. Presently one in 8 women around the globe runs risks of having breast cancer. Can wearing bras contribute to that? Well, scientists have done a study on the matter. What they have found out is not so good.

There is a link between wearing a bra and developing breast cancer. Especially, if you are wearing the wrong size and the bra is too tight. It presses down the tissues in the boobs. Thus, less blood is served there and the toxins do not get flushed away timely. They accumulate in breasts which may lead to developing cancer.  

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 bra day

Bra day and health facts:

  • Men can also develop breast cancer, but that’s a minor chance.
  • Most women in Africa have the breast size B or A. While ladies in USA have the average of D.
  • Bra is new, i.e. it was introduced only in 1907, but till that time ladies wore corsets.
  • Vogue Magazine was the first one to introduce bras.
  • Does your breast size stop increasing after you get the period?! No the breasts keep growing for four more years.
  • The first name given to bras was Brasserie.
  • How often should you wash bras? No less than once a week!
  • In average bras wear for up to 9 months.
  • When was the cup size standardized? Back in 1935.
  • Over 80 percent of all women do not know how to pick the right bra size and thus wear the wrong ones.
  • Russian ladies have the largest breasts.
  • AAA is the smallest size!

These bra facts can help you to pick the right option for your daily wear. Knowing these on bra day is important for boosting cancer awareness and breast cancer prevention.

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