Living with albinism: what is it like?

What is it like to be an albino? Find out what albinism is caused by and what are its symptoms.

Living with albinism

June 13 has been turned into an International Albinism Awareness Day. Millions of people live with this condition in many countries. So, what is the albinism definition and why kids get born with it?

Albinism meaning and definition

It’s a genetic condition. One of the genes gets altered during the fetus’ development in the womb. This gene is responsible for melanin production. Melanin is the pigment that colors our skin, hair, and eyes. Black people have much more of it in their skin and eyes. On the contrary, people with albinism lack it.

 albinism: what is it like?

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What are albinism symptoms?

In most cases a person gets born with no color in their eyes, hair or skin. This means even a black family could have a white baby. Pigmentation can be completely lacking, and the baby gets while skin and red eyes. Or the color can be mild or light brown with blue eyes.

At times, a kid may start producing melanin and their skin turns a darker shade. That usually takes place during the teen years. Once being under the sun rays, some people with albinismo can have freckles, spots, and moles on their skin.

Some albinos have blue or lightly brown eyes and the color of hair may ranger from white as snow to light brown.


What is it like to live with albinism?

Living with this condition can be hard, especially in Africa. You literally become a white crow. But even people in European countries still suffer from ridicules and rejection. Folks tend to stare at them. During the ancient times, albinos were killed right after their birth.

In some nations, people think they possess magic or evil powers. There used to be even such people, who called themselves “albino hunters”. The reasons why we have Albinism Awareness Day is to get people informed about the reality of this condition.

 albinism: what is it

It has nothing to do with magic or curse. These people just lack the paint in their skin, eyes or hair. That’s it. White people tend to discriminate black folks just for the different cause. Black people have too much of melanin in their skin, hair or eyes! So, if you meet a person with this condition, remember they are not really different from you!

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