Low back pain: its causes and treatment

What causes low back pain and how can you treat it? These 5 tips would help you stay well.

Low back pain

Low back pain is a usual problem of middle-aged people and seniors all over the world. There are hundreds of low back pain causes, serious or not. If it aches badly or if lasts for a long time, consult your doctor. He will come up with a diagnosis and tell you what to do. There is much information in the Internet about all the conceivable diseases, but it is very difficult to treat yourself properlywithout the medical education.Sometimes you just have to rest more, and in other case a good surgeons’ work seems to be the only opportunity to save your life.Although there is still sense to suppose what the problem is.

Five common causes of low back pain.

This short-list contains five most common variants:

1. Muscular aches

Do not overstrain. If you have lifted heavy objects, let your back rest, use the ointments to unbrace the muscles, come to doctor. In case you need to lift heavy things in future, ask somebody to help or even take on the loader. If you are a loader yourself and the low back painfor you is more than little discomfort, think of other work. Health level is too important thing to be ignored.

 back pain

2. Aging

It is always unpleasant to understand that you are not so young already (at least, physically), but the time takes its course. Intervertebral discs go to wreck and cannot serve as well as before. They must charge off,and the cause of your pain is their damage.You cannot treat aging but it is possible to make the wrecking process slower. Be careful with your muscular load, eat healthy food, and your back will longer serve you without any pain.

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3. Kidney stones

Stones in a kidney are usually very painful, and thelow back pain is not a main problem.These stones are a real risk to life. At first they can be obscure but when the aches appear – go to the hospital and start treating immediately.


4. The after-effect of trauma

Serious traumas of spine can “reverberate” in future, though the injury itself is already healed. They take time to disappear totally. If you had a crush five months ago, and pain is still with you, probably, it is a long reconstructive process. But there is already a reason to checkthat everything is right.

5. Radiculitis

Radiculitis is one of the incurable maladies. It is caused by the streptococcus and diseases the cardiovascular system and joints.Radiculitis on the advanced stage makes people suffering acutely. Do not wait: what if all your life depends on your ownership of what you are doing?

Low back

There are many causes of the low back pain. Also, there are many ways to cure the disease:the massage, the anesthetics, the manual therapy, the medicines, sometimes the sickneeds the surgery help. Anyway, the most important thing is to recognize disease and start curing it in time. Do not shelve the problem, work on it since you have noticed the first signals.

Be healthy and take care of yourself.

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