National No Bra Day: What is the origin of the holiday?

When is National No Bra Day? What is the origin of this weird holiday? What is the history of bra? Learn everything you wanted to know about bras in this article right now!

No Bra

National No Bra Day is celebrated on October 13. It was created to draw public attention to the problems of the spread of breast cancer.

In October, in various countries around the world people traditionally have a month of national awareness about breast cancer - an annual international awareness campaign, organized by a coalition of charities in order to disseminate information about the disease and raise funds for its diagnosis and treatment.

National No Bra Day

One of the characters of this day is the pink ribbon, which activists, who fight against breast cancer, attach on clothes, cars, etc. Also this color appears on some building lighting and at the end of the month in the United States a number of Muslim organizations make a day wearing pink hijab.

One of the events is one day without a bra (No Bra Day). Currently action is carried out primarily on the Internet - the wearer of various social networks, post their photos with tags and #NoBraDay, #NoBra, #NationalNoBraDay. National No Bra Day pictures are wide spread in Instagram. The idea of ​​a kind of a flash mob does not only support the fight against breast cancer, but also gives the possibility of ‘liberation’ from shackling traditions of dress.

History of Bra

history of Bra

The birthday of bra is celebrated on 3 September. On this day, the patent number 1115674 US Patent Office was issued Mary Phelps Jacobs in the so-called ‘backless brassiere’.

Wide fame came to the new product after the husband of Mary, who works in the Warner Brothers corset company in Bridgeport, sold their masters patent for its invention for 15 thousand dollars. For the first 30 years of sales of bras brought the company 15 million dollars.

Like most great inventions, this item of women's underwear was invented accidentally. American socialite lady Mary Phelps Jacob created herself something of two silk handkerchiefs and pieces of tape, as she purchased a delicate evening gown, but got a problem.

different Bras

In those days, the only acceptable subject of the ladies' lingerie above the waist was corset strongly fortified baleen. Having tried a new dress with a corset, Mary found that some elements of the design of the baleen mischievously were sticking out of the neckline and were well discern through the thin fabric of new piece of clothes. Disappointed in this combination, Mary called to the aid of the maid, and soon the two silk handkerchiefs, a certain amount of rope and pink ribbons created the first bra. A less clever woman with less public temperament would stop, but not Mary.

Our Mary boasted. Her friends and relatives, having heard about the new invention, vividly became interested in it. Jacob shared her secret with close friends and made them a few bras, and the ladies came into a real delight with her idea - indeed, it was a real rest after a cumbersome and uncomfortable corsets. As a result, Mary began to receive orders, and soon there appeared a gentleman who asked her to sell him 'the thing' for his wife. That's how Mary Phelps Jacob realized that she will do the business.

Paris No Bra Day

And then there was the First World War, which made the production of bras extremely popular. The men went to fight. In 1914, almost half of men from France, Germany, England and Russia went to the war. In 1917 they were joined by American soldiers. In cities the women were left almost alone, so they did a lot of male job. They have worked as nurses in hospitals, to collect shells on factories, to drive trams and cars. It was uncomfortable to wear corsets or ‘decency skirts’. In addition it was necessary to make savings. It is curious, but true: at the very beginning of the war, the US government asked the American women to abandon corsets with metal plates - as a result, due to saved metal two warships were built. But women could not live without lingerie and Mary’s invention became extremely popular.

This year it is the 100th anniversary of the bra. Especially it is celebrated in Germany. The exhibition, which opened on October 10, was called ‘Body Talks. 100 years of the bra’. The exhibition consisted of more than a hundred items - from corsets, bikini to the ‘magic bra’, or Wonderbra.

Celebrity No Bra Day

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But indeed bra is much older. In one of the first love letters, written as early as the VI century BC. e. Egypt it was said: ‘I would like to be a bandage on your chest’. And in one of the villas of ancient Rome there was found the image of girls engaged in gymnastics in separate suits, ie shorts and bras.

A World Day without a bra - it is a very correct holiday. We fully support it. Bra, no matter big or small, functional or unusual, and even the most well-chosen can be very irritating and annoying. Sometimes you just want and just need to take it off.

National No Bra Day Nowadays

singer Rihanna

For the second year in a row, on 9 July Americans celebrate the national holiday ‘Day without a bra’, which dates back to the group in Facebook, actively promotes a national holiday. The organizers of the festival decided that the middle of summer is the best time to ‘release their chest’. The meaning of the holiday is that on 9 July, women should not wear a bra. And what is the hidden subtext of this?

Leaders of all the action as one explains: ‘The purpose of the event is to inform about breast cancer with more details, as well as getting many positive emotions to all participants, not undress everyone, leaving ladies wearing only the wrist  watch, although it is quite tempting’. Celebrities support national holiday too. Americans women, according to their reviews of this National No Bra Day,  they were very happy because they felt more sexy and relaxed, and men, in turn, has been presented a unique opportunity to observe how weak and beautiful ladies celebrate the national holiday.

No Bra Day

National No Bra Day 2015 occurred last year, this year the activist hope to make it more spread and popular. They have very positive and right message, so it’s almost certain that they will succeed. We are very happy for all the festival participants and hope that the stronger sex will always help women feel more confident and sexy.

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